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My story, Feathers, is part of the Wing!Fic anthology. I'm really proud of it and hope you'll want to read the book :)

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Hi. I haven't been around much. I've been super super busy.

I'm having a short story published this summer in an anthology called Wing!fic.

The art for my short story is already up on the page. But here it is:

The anthology is published by Tropes Publishing House. A really cool publisher!
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Title: Blood spatter

Author: Devo79

Series: Accidental Fatherhood

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Hi guys!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and an ever greater New Year.

I'm still alive and doing well. I've had to change a few things in my life because things weren't working out for me.

I'm working on getting a better and more healthy sleep cycle and that has turned out to be so freaking difficult. I'm trying to better myself in a few different ways and I'm setting goals that I very much would like to reach.

  • I'm paying off my debt (car and apartment) and it seems I'll be done with that this time next year, maybe even sooner.

  • I want to start reading books again so I've been buying books and (very) slowly started reading through them.

  • I want to start drawing again and have started doing so.

  • I want to start writing again as well and have a lot of different ideas and half-written drafts.

I've spent a lot of time with my dog and he's just this ball of energy and lifeforce that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with him :)
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Been some time since I posted last. But I've been crazy busy with work, the dog and the garden. Hope to post more often from now on :)

Here have a little Halloween ... well... thingy...

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I've had a great summer :)

I've gotten so many things done and had a lot of fun.

I've had my loan changed in the bank so that I'll be done paying for my apartment in 2 years instead of the original 30 years (with 20+ years left to go). That way I can start to save for a house out of town. I'll be done paying for the car in 2 years so I'll be dept free pretty soon :)

The puppy is still a little crazy... cause well... he's a puppy. Almost house trained and knows how to sit and "shake paw". We're starting puppy school tonight and I'm really hyped about that.

I'm going to the garden today and hope there'll be some tomatoes to take home. We've had a kinda cold and rainy summer so the tomatoes have been a little late in ripening. I harvested all the turnips yesterday and dried them so I can save them for winter. I do the same with most of the squash.

Work starts on the 10th of August, thankfully. Having so much time off gets boring after some time.
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by a scale.

I was pulling a box down from a shelf and forgot that my scale (for weighing myself) was standing on top of that box. So the scale slid off the box and hit me in the right side of my face just by my eye.

The skin broke, didn't bleed much so I went to my sister-in-law, a doctor, and had her take a look and see if I should go to the hospital. We ended up agreeing to just put some band aids on the cut, then leave it alone and I’d stay up a few extra hours to make sure I didn't have a concussion.

The area is a little puffy and turning slightly blu-ish.

Can't wait so see how it'll look when I get up tomorrow.


Jul. 12th, 2015 12:22 am
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Today I've collected my notes on a few fics that I've worked on for a long time but haven't gotten around to finish because of real life.
I'll be reading through them and get them in order so I can actually finish them and post them.

Also, dog update:
He keeps humping his stuffed cow and biting. His teeth are itching like crazy... poor little puppy. I guess he's trying to hump his worries away.
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Mik keeps humping his toys...
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He seems so much calmer than my old dog. He's less nervous and more independent.

Too bad...

Jun. 27th, 2015 04:43 am
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for all the losers that threatened to get divorced if gay people were allowed to get married.

Asshats like this couple:

Oh... can you hear that? That noise outside your white picket fence? Yeah, it's the rest of the world being fabulous!

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Sorry no pictures :(

But I've picked out the puppy I'm going to take home on the 27th of June and named him.

His name will be Mik.


Jun. 13th, 2015 11:16 pm
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Every time someone on Grimm opens their mouth and starts talking in German my brain starts to hurt.

How is it possible for almost every one of these actors to sound like a poor German guy who’s been kicked three times in the mouth and then, at gunpoint, forced to speak German?

Is it really that difficult to find someone that could correct their pronunciation? The way they keep pronouncing V wrong just makes me so cranky!

Stop mangling a beautiful language!

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Me: *sitting on the toilet. Doing my business*
Phone: *rings*
Me: *yells at phone* I'm pooping!
Phone: *rings*
Me: *louder* Still pooping!!
Phone: *rings*
Me: *at the top of my voice* STILL FUCKING POOPING!!!
Phone: *stops ringing*
Me: *realized I live in an apartment and all my neighbors just heard me yelling*
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I visited the puppies a few days ago and pointed out two puppies I was interested in (I'll only be getting one) but didn't make any final decision because their personalities haven't really started to show yet.

I need a calm and friendly dog because I live in an apartment and I need to trust him around a lot of kids.

But I do have pictures for you to squee over :)

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I've been gearing up to this for some time now and I feel ready to start writing again...
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It'll be a boy and he's in one of these two litters. I haven't chosen yet and won't do that for 2-3 weeks yet.
I'm so freaking happy =)

Avengers 2

Apr. 24th, 2015 07:16 pm
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So I saw the new Avengers movie and it was good but well...

It didn't blow me away like the first one did. There is just so many times where things happened that weren't explained or even brought up again. A little bit like a kid telling a story and going “And then um… um… Thor goes to find this thing…and um… then he …. But then there’s also Jarvis and he’s like also doing things…”

More under the cut...

Don't click the cut if you don't want to be spoiled! SPOILERS ARE UNDER THE CUT!!!



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