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Title: The Sacrifice, part 2/2
Author: Devo79
Rating: PG13
Summary: In an AU world, where demons and humans live more or less peacefully together, Detective Xander Harris is called out to a triple homicide that will change his life.
A/N: a few quotes from Charlie Huston’s Joe Pitt novels are used in dialog.

Part 1


Standing outside the station wasn’t getting him anywhere. He realized it the second he parked his car and still he stayed there, staring up at his captain’s office.

”He used his hammer,” Xander whispered to the darkness of the car and listened to the leather on the steering wheel creak under his hands.


”Harris,” K’h’t’b said from its desk and waved a tentacle at him, ”Andrew left a message for you.”

Xander stopped in the middle of the room, his eyes focused on the door to the captain’s office, ”A message?” he asked, not taking his eyes of his goal.

”Yeah,” K’h’t’b started rummaging around on the desk, pieces of paper getting stuck on quite a few of its suckers, ”Here it is,” the demon waved a tentacle at Xander and he turned to look at it.

”Thanks,” he said and walked over to the desk, ”When did he give you the message?”

”Just before he left the station,” K’h’t’b said and pulled a squiggling worm out of the lunchbox sitting on the desk. The demon stuffed the worm into its sharp teethed mouth and continued, ”just before he went in to see the Captain.”

”Thanks,” Xander took the note and walked over to his and Andrew’s desk and unfolded the yellow note.

All the note said was, ”Spike and Dru in LA. Arrived a week ago by private jet. Checked the flights.”

”And then you told Olaf,” Xander mumbled.

”What?” K’h’t’b asked curiously.

”Nothing,” Harris shook his head, ”Nothing,” he walked over to the office door.

”Captain’s not in right now,” K’h’t’b slurped up another worm and pointed a tentacle at the door, ”He hasn’t been in today. Took some time off. Personal business.”


Xander looked at the lump on his couch. It was covered by the bedspread Andrew had bought for him right after the divorce. Blood had seeped through the heavy fabric and the sight made Xander dizzy. He walked into his bedroom, opened the door to the tiny closet. The box was on the middle shelf. He lifted it over to his bed and put in down.

The tape ripped under his fingers and he threw the sticky mess on the floor. He pulled out the stakes and the two backup weapons he’d never actually used outside the shooting range. He filled his jacket pockets with extra clips and put the stakes in his inner breast pocket. He strapped the smallest of the guns to his ankle and pulled his pant leg down to cover it. The other one he pushed into the back of his pants. The cold metal pressed against his skin, reassuring him.

Xander sat down on the bed and ran a hand through his hair. It felt greasy. He could probably use a shower.

The knock on the front door startled him and he abruptly stood up. His hands were clammy as he pushed the bedroom door open again and walked out into the living room.

”Harris,” Olaf’s voice bellowed through the door, ”Open up!”

Xander was halfway to the window when the front door blasted open and splinters of wood flew through the room.

”Move one inch, Harris, and you’re a dead man,” Olaf warned and Xander froze in place.

”We received a call from one of your neighbors,” the captain said and walked into the apartment, ”They heard someone fighting. Isn’t that right, Lucia,” Olaf asked playfully.

”I took the call myself, Captain,” Lucia walked in behind the captain and smiled at Xander when he turned to face them.

”That’s what you’re going to say happened here?” he asked incredulously. The female vampire simply held up her hands, her service weapon held tightly in her right hand. A big smile on her full, painted lips.

”What’ll you say happened?” Xander asked.

”Lover’s quarrel. You and Wells were involved and you just snapped,” Olaf calmly explained.

”And with your family history,” Lucia said and bared her teeth at him, ”After all, the apple never falls far from the tree, does it?”

”Leave my parents out of this,” Xander growled, ”And I won’t lie,” Xander took a step back.

”You won’t have to,” Olaf hefted his hammer, ”See, you fought us. Didn’t want to go to the station. We tried to subdue you…but,” Olaf shrugged his big shoulders, ”You just wouldn’t calm down.”

”You pulled your gun on us,” Lucia pointed her own gun at him, ”Unfortunately your brain was so damaged, that reviving you to interrogate you was out of the question,” she pouted and then licked her teeth.

Xander turned and ran full force at the window. He barely managed to brace himself for the impact before he felt the window give and shatter.


Xander slammed his shoulder against the hard fire escape stairs. The old iron groaned under his weight. Pushing himself off the mesh landing, a sharp pain slashed through his left hand. He almost fell but forced himself to move down the stairs to the next landing.

He could hear Lucia on the stairs above him and Olaf’s voice rang out of the broken window, ”Don’t be an idiot, Harris!”

Xander’s cell phone started ringing.


The sewers stank.

Not that he hadn’t know that before he decided to hide in them, but still.

A large chunk of glass was sticking out of his left palm, the wound dripping blood down into the dirty water. He flinched as he slowly pulled it out. The glass chunk was as long as his little finger. Disgusted he threw it into the sewer water and breathed deeply.

Which turned out to be a really bad idea. He gagged once and then managed to get control of himself again.

Not that throwing up on his shoes would make much of a difference right now. His shoes were soaked through with nasty brown sewer sludge. A little puke might actually make them smell better.

His cell phone beeped once and he fished it out of his pocket, he stared at the caller ID. Anya. Great. He’d forgotten to pick up the kids. Maybe he should just have let Olaf kill him.


Figuring out what to do next wasn’t easy.

He hadn’t had a chance to ask Michael about the DNA results, so he still wasn’t sure if the vamps were Aurelius or not.

He knew Spike and Drusilla had been, and possibly still were, in LA when the werewolf and the two vampires had been killed. The question was what that meant?

Spike and Drusilla were a hedonistic pair. All their time was spent touring the world, drinking themselves silly in virgin’s blood and fucking every celebrity they could get their hands on.

Angelus kept things in working order. He made sure the Aurelius Clan kept making money and invested wisely. He had brokered a deal with the slayers. They didn’t mess with the clan and Angelus didn’t actively try to kill them.

But starting a war on purpose would be bad for business. And Angelus was, above all else, a vampire who liked to be in control and successful. The press loved him and his decadent childer. Starting a war where they would be killing teenage girls would jeopardize that.

And Olaf, that fucking backstabber. What did he have to do with it all? Olaf was a powerful demon. But what if he had been offered something that would make him more powerful?


Ringing the doorbell a fifth time, might have been overdoing it a little Xander realized when the door was ripped open and a sleepy Daniel stared angrily at him.

“Harris!” the anger evaporated instantly. Daniel grabbed Xander by the lapel of his dirty jacket and dragged him inside.

“I’m so fucked,” Xander mumbled tiredly and Daniel just nodded and pulled the tired human into the apartment.

“Oz?” Michael was standing in the living room in a sheet and nothing else.

“Go get me that bottle of whiskey my uncle sent us for Christmas,” Daniel pointed Michael over to the kitchen and the fledge hurried off.

“Michael?” Xander asked Daniel, “Really?”

“Shut up, Harris,” Daniel grumbled with a tiny smile, “You’re hand is fucked up pretty bad.”

“Had to throw myself out a window,” Xander blinked and then took Daniel’s hand, “Andrew is dead.”

“I know,” Daniel said quietly, “Olaf announced that you killed him and ran off. People are looking for you.”

“That’s a load of crap,” Michael pressed a glass filled with whiskey into Xander’s uninjured hand, “You guys were partners. Goddamn brothers in arms,” the fledge angrily walked out of the living room.

“You need a shower and…” Daniel began and tried to pull the jacket off Xander but the human resisted stubbornly.

“No,” Xander shook his head, “I don’t want to get you guys in trouble,” he pushed Daniel’s hands away, “I just need to know what the evidence from the triple homicide showed.”

“The vampires,” Michael emerged wearing a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts, “They were Aurelius. But no one of importance. They’d been busted a few times when they were fledges but that was it.”

“We need to take care of that wound,” Daniel stood up and walked further into the apartment.

“Daniel is a good guy,” Xander said and looked up at Michael.

“I know,” the fledge said and gave Harris an odd look.

“You take good care of him, you hear?” Xander got up on shaky legs and walked over to the front door.

“I hear you,” Michael said, “I’m sorry about Andrew.”


“You should stay,” Michael said, “Rest and get clean. Let Oz take a look at that hand.”

“Tell him…” Xander frowned, his hand resting on the door knob, “Tell him not to trust anyone,” he opened the door and left.


“I need information,” Xander said and took another step forward, forcing Willy to press his back into the damp brick wall.

“I don’t know nothing,” Willy said and Xander watched a drop of sweat trail down the smaller man’s cheek.

“Do you want me to shoot you in the leg?” Xander asked casually and lifted the gun up so Willy could see it.

“You wouldn’t shoot me,” Willy said and blinked nervously.

“Sure I would,” Xander sighed, “Look, I can do the whole threatening your life thing all night if you want me to,” he lifted one shoulder in a half shrug, “But honestly I don’t have time for your bullshit. So if you don’t tell me what you know…”

“I don’t really know anything,” Willy the Snitch assured him with a lopsided smile.

”Shoulder or knee?” Xander asked.

”What?” Willy shrieked.

”You always know, Willy,” Xander gently tapped the man’s forehead with his gun, ”You know everything that happens in this goddamn town.”

Willy gulped, ”I know virtually nothing.”

”Yeah, right,” Xander said tiredly, ”In the big picture we’re all fucking retards. Only you’re one of the more informed retards.”

”Well,” Willy began, uncertain if he was being complimented or not.

”Shoulder or knee?” Xander repeated his earlier question.

”Okay okay!” Willy’s high-pitched voice grated on Harris’ already frayed nerves, ”So rumor has it that Drusilla has gone crazy.”

”She’s always been crazy,” Xander drawled.

”Yes, well,” Willy swallowed, ”She got crazier. Okay? She wants all the power.”

”What about Spike?”

”Spike? Spike’ll do anything to please her. Anything at all for his dark princess,” Willy looked at the gun, ”Rumor has it that…”

”Get on with it, Willy. I’m getting trigger happy here.”

”Yes, yes. They have…a new pet,” Willy bravely pressed two fingers against the side of Harris’ gun, pushing it out of his face, ”A very exotic pet.”

”Spit it out,” Xander demanded and leant forward until he was inches from Willy’s sweating face.

”A slayer!” Willy whimpered, ”Their new pet is a slayer. Drusilla,” Willy shook his head, causing a few hairs to get caught in the rough brick wall behind him, ”She can thrall.”

”Good,” Xander nodded, ”See? Now we’re getting somewhere.”

”You gonna let me go now?” Willy asked hopefully.

”Sure,” Xander nodded, ”After you tell me everything you know about the slayers.”


The question now was how he could get in touch with Angelus without getting caught. Simply walking into the Hyperion and asking to see the master vampire was not possible. Xander had no idea if any of the vampires working there were on Spike and Drusilla’s side.

The slayers…were a possibility. If he could get in contact with them he might have a chance.

All that stood in the way of a war between the slayers and the Aurelius clan was Detective Alexander Harris.

The world was so fucked.


The bookstore looked ordinary and very bookish. Every wall was covered with bookshelves from floor to ceiling and the freestanding bookcases were packed with books of all kinds on every shelve. Most of the books looked old and dusty but a few newer pocketbooks about incantations and witchcraft could be seen here and there.

The man behind the register was a few decades older than Xander. He was slowly leafing through an old book and at the same time polishing his glasses with a cotton cloth. Xander reached back behind himself and flipped the ”We’re open,” sign so it said, ”Sorry, we’re closed,” instead. The man hadn’t noticed and Xander walked across the shop and up to the register.

”How can I help you?” the older man asked and smiled in a bland but still friendly manner.

”All you need to do is listen,” Xander said and then noticed that the man was wrinkling his nose in distaste. Harris looked down at his soiled shoes and said, ”Sorry, I stepped in something nasty earlier today.”

”I see,” the man said, sniffed once and then made sure not to stand too close to Xander.

”I need to talk to Giles,” Xander narrowed his eyes, ”Can you get a message to him?”

”I…have no idea who you’re…” the man put his glasses on.

”I don’t have time for bullshit. I have it on good authority that I need to talk to a guy called Giles,” Xander said hoarsely, ”Don’t yank my chain. I have no patience left. I’m a citizen of No-fucking-patience-land, got it?”

The man behind the counter frowned.

”Tell him,” Xander knew he was taking a risk here. What he really needed was a direct contact to the slayers but if this man was as close as he could get… ”Tell him that someone is trying to start a war between the Aurelius clan and the slayers. Tell him…Tell him that…” Xander rubbed a hand against his eyes and cringed when the wound on his palm opened and started to bleed again.

”Why don’t you follow me,” the man said and frowned down at the blood dripping down on the counter.


The backroom was nicely cool and the lights were pleasantly dimmed. The walls were covered by shelves but here they were packed with jars and boxes, instead of books. The man pointed Xander at a chair and he warily sat down. The wound on his palm was still dripping and he tried to hold the hand close to his chest in an attempt to not drip blood all over the floor.

The man disappeared behind a curtain at the other end of the room and Xander allowed himself to relax, just for a few precious minutes.

”Hello,” a chirping voice said.

Xander almost had a heart attack when a teenage girl popped in to sit on the chair opposite him. She gave him a blinding smile and wriggled happily on her chair.

”Hi,” Xander wondered if this slip of a girl was a slayer. She looked like a good wind could snap her in two.

”Dawn!” the man exclaimed when he reappeared from behind the curtain and hurried over to the table Xander and the girl were sitting at.

”Hi, Giles,” the girl, Dawn, waved and jumped up from her chair. Like a fucking bunny rabbit, Xander thought and snorted.

”Well,” Xander looked up at the man he now knew was Giles, ”You guys really have this whole cloak and daggers thing down pat, don’t you?”

”Dawn,” Giles sighed and waved the girl away, ”Go get Willow. Tell her to take the first aid kit with her.”

”Did I screw up?” the teenager asked uncertainly.

”No,” Giles took off his glasses to polish them in his little white cotton cloth again, ”I should have warned you.”

“I don’t bite,” Xander smiled reassuringly at the girl and got a nervous smile back.

“Now go,” Giles said with a little headshake. The girl hurried out of the room.

“So…” Xander began, “I guess we can just get on with things here.”

“Quite,” Giles said and put his glasses down on the table. The cotton cloth was held tightly in his hand.

“Someone killed a werewolf and two vampires in an apartment some time ago,” Xander blinked, he was starting to feel tired again.

“I don’t see,” Giles started but Xander wouldn’t let himself be derailed.

“Two vampires from the Aurelius Clan. Now,” Xander held both his hands up and a few drops of blood landed on the table. The old wood soaked it up immediately. “Now, I know that you’re probably thinking: so what.”

“Hmmm,” Giles said.

“Thing is,” Xander pressed his hands against the tabletop, “The werewolf was revived shortly and he had some pretty interesting things to say. He said a slayer killed him and the vampires.”

“There is a truce,” the older man protested.

“I know,” Xander continued, “But truces are broken. Question is,” Xander looked up when a petite woman entered the room. Her red hair was hanging loose and framed her pale face, “Did you break it?”

“Why would we?” Giles asked.

“I don’t know,” Xander leant closer, “Last thing I heard the slayers took out an entire Brachen clan. Showed no mercy.”

“Disgusting lies,” the red-haired woman said angrily and thumped the first aid kit down on the table.

“Maybe…maybe not,” Xander was still looking at the older man.

“I’ve been asking around,” Xander looked at the woman, “I’ve had to call in every favor I had and use all my money to pay off snitches. Not to mention that I waded through the sewers. And I haven‘t slept since…,” he looked down at his hand only to realize he wasn‘t wearing a watch, “What day is it?”

“Thursday,” Giles muttered.

“And what did you learn?” the woman interrupted and pulled a chair over to sit next to Giles.

“That nothing is what it seems,” Xander’s smile was feral, “That the truce works in favor of both the clan and the slayers. Angelus keeps the vampires in line, those in the clan and those affiliated elsewhere, and the slayers can hunt down the really dangerous demons. The ones that would love to kill every human on earth. And see, vampires have this thing where they need humans. So it‘s a win-win situation. As long as the truce is honored by both parties.”

“That is a very astute analyses of the situation, mister…” Giles acknowledged.

“Call me Xander,” he answered.

“I’m Willow,” the woman said and reached out for Xander’s hand and started examining the wound, “We have our girls under control,” she said and washed the bleeding gash with a sanitary wet wipe.

“You aren’t missing one?” Xander asked innocently and noticed the look Giles sent Willow.


He could hear their muffled voices through the heavy curtain. But honestly… he was at that point where he didn’t really give a shit. His hand hurt, he stank like shit and he was tired and hungry.

He looked down at the fine white bandage on his hand. He needed to trust someone. Question was… could he trust the red-haired woman and the bookish old man?

Question was… if he really had a choice.


“He’s wounded and tired,” Willow said angrily.

“He might be our chance to get a message to Angelus without risking our own people,” Giles pointed out, “We don’t know who we can trust in the Aurelius Clan but… this man…”

“You’re just going to let him go off and get himself killed?” she asked.

“We haven’t heard from Faith for a month, Willow,” Giles stabbed a finger at the curtain separating them from the detective, “He found his way here for a reason.”

“Maybe the Goddess lead him here so we could help him solve this…”

Giles interrupted her with a disbelieving snort, “We can not rely on that kind of…” he waved his hand in the air, clearly making it know what he thought of Willow’s goddess.

“We’re supposed to be the good guys, Giles,” Willow hissed, “We’re suppose to protect people like him.”

“No,” Giles was clearly fighting to keep his calm, “No, we are supposed to protect the innocent and our own. Does that man look innocent to you?”


Xander felt a warm hand on his shoulder and jumped up. The chair, he hat been sleeping in, slammed to the ground and a startled squeal made him look at Dawn in shock.

“Sorry,” she started, “I’m really sorry but Giles told me to see if you wanted something to eat and then you were like asleep and I was so not going to not feed you cause Willow said you probably hadn’t eaten for some time so I figured I should just wake you up…”

“Stop!” Xander pressed his bandaged hand against her mouth, “God, you’re giving me a headache here.”

The teenager gave him a sheepish look over his hand. He removed it.

“Food,” Xander prompted her.

“Yes, yes,” she happily bounced, “Willow makes some really great soup and I was just about to ask you if you…”

“Yes, please,” Xander grinned and picked up his chair and sat down. Dawn hurried out of the room.

“She gets easily excited,” Willow emerged from behind the curtain.

“So I see.”

“Yeah,” Willow sat down on the chair next to his.

“You’re missing one of your slayers,” Xander said matter of fact.


“She disappear of her own free will or…?” Xander asked gently.

“I wish I could be sure,” the red-haired woman brushed a few invisible crumbs off the table.


“It’s okay, you know,” Xander said when Willow parked her small blue Toyota in a quiet street.

“What is?” she turned off the engine and looked at him.

“I get it,” Xander stared out at the dark shop windows and the few lights shining out from the apartments above them, “I’m expendable.”

“No,” she denied fervently.

Harris turned to look at her, she seemed so small sitting there, “It’s okay,” he repeated, “People like me. Ordinary small people…we’re expendable. It’s something I realized early on,” Willow opened her mouth but Xander continued, “I was never very good at anything, really. Being a detective was as close to accomplishing anything I ever got. I was a horrible husband and not really a very good father. But I was an okay detective.”

“Xander,” Willow interrupted him just as he reached out and opened the car door. He was out and gone before she had a chance to finish.


Standing in front of the Hyperion again didn’t feel like a good idea. Actually it felt like a really really bad idea. The sun had disappeared somewhere behind the building and the cream colored walls looked strangely grimy in the dying light.

Taking a deep breath he walked over to the door where two human guards stood on either side of the front door. Xander stopped in front of the door and said, “I need to see your boss.”

“Fuck off,” the taller of the two men answered snidely.

“Yeah…see,” Xander straightened his jacket, “I can’t really do that. I really need to see Angelus.”

“You’re not getting in,” the other guard said, “The way you look and stink…Vampires have a superior sense of smell, you know.”

“I’m aware, I don’t smell like a field of roses here,” Xander took a step closer to the tallest of the guards, “But trust me on this…” he was stopped by a fist slamming against his jaw.


Waking up in an alley hadn’t really been part of his plan. Not that he had much of a plan. But even his sketchy plan hadn’t had an alley in it anywhere.

What seemed to be a whole clan of mining dwarves had taken up residence in his head and were currently hacking away at his brain like crazy. Something was pulling on his foot and he dizzily kicked out at it. A loud chattering made him cringe and he managed to get on his knees.

In front of him was a slimy group of critters. Bigger than rats, with large yellow eyes and fang like teeth sticking out of their wide mouths. Xander recoiled and then saw one of the creatures scurry away with his left shoe.

“Hey!” Xander staggered to his feet and the critters retreated a little further into the shadows of the ally, “That’s my shoe, you little fucks! Give me back my shoe!” the creatures shrieked when he stumbled closer and he realized that yelling wouldn’t get him anywhere.

He took his other shoe off and moved it back and forth in front of the little group. A plan was slowly forming in his tired brain. “See,” Harris watched as the critters’ yellow eyes followed his every movement, “You want this one as well? It’s nice and stinky. Yummy, yum yum. Stinky shoe.”

Just as the critters scurried across the alley in his direction he let the shoe fall and pulled off his jacket.


“What the hell!” was all the guard got out before Xander threw his bundled up, wriggling, jacket at the two men standing outside the Hyperion.

“Holy shit! Holy shit!” the other guard screamed as he tried to get the enraged critters off his body. They shrieked and moved for his face, easily getting past the desperate man’s flailing hands.

Xander stepped over them and pushed the front door open.


“I need to see Angelus,” Xander pointed his gun at Winifred. His entire body seemed to move with the beating of his heart. Blood and adrenaline rushing through him at top speed.

“Do you have any idea who you’re dealing wi…” the secretary began but stopped when Xander started laughing.

“Does it look like I give a holy flying fuck about getting out of this alive?” he asked.

She stared at him. Taking in the dirty clothes, the big ugly bruise on his jaw, the shoeless feet and the blood dripping from the hand he was holding his backup gun in. She very slowly held up her hands.

“I can’t let you go up there,” she said gently.

“Well, see,” Xander pointed both his guns at her now, “That brings us to an impasse, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” A deep growling voice said from behind him.

“Gunn,” Winifred’s shoulders sagged with relief but she still held her hands up in the air.

“You think you can take me out before I shoot her?” Xander asked with interest, his eyes not leaving the frightened secretary.

“I’ll snap your neck before…” Gunn began.

“Really?” Xander aimed his Glock right between the girl’s eyes, “Faster than a speeding bullet? Fast enough to take me down and then pick that bullet right out of the air?”

“Gunn?” Winifred asked nervously.

“Let’s make a deal, Gunn,” Xander said, “I don’t blow the pretty girl’s head off and you help me get a message to Angelus.”

“Just give me the message,” Gunn moved slowly into Harris’ field of vision.

“Nice try,” Xander shook his head and winced when the dwarves started mining in his skull again, “I give him the message. I don’t trust you.”

“Gunn, maybe,” the secretary began, “Maybe we should let him…”


Moving up the stairs, with Winifred one small step in front of him, was a challenge. His vision kept blurring and his feet hurt. He was pretty sure one of those disgusting critters had gnawed on his foot while he’d been unconscious.

Gunn was walking behind him, the vampire’s angry growls the background music to what Xander was sure would be his final hour.

Other guards, human and vamps, joined them as they slowly made their way up to Angelus’ office. They made sure to box Xander in. He was alone with the small secretary and Gunn, trapped in a moving living cage.

Xander kept his eyes firmly on Winifred’s neck where he was aiming his gun.

He could feel sweat running underneath his soiled shirt, the once blue pinstriped cotton plastered wetly to his skin. The bandage on his left hand was soaked through with blood. The liquid making his grip on the backup weapon tentative.

When they got to the floor where Angelus’ office was, most of the guards filed out standing around the Spartan waiting room. All of them staring at Xander.

“Open the door,” Xander said and pressed the gun against the nape of Winifred’s neck.

She reached out, her shaking fingers finding the door knob and turning it slowly. The door opened soundlessly and Xander whispered, “Walk in. And don’t forget, I still have my gun pointed at your neck.”

Gunn followed them into the room.


Angelus looked up from his papers with a surprised frown on his wide forehead. He put down the pen he had been signing a check with and turned his attention to Gunn.

“What’s going on here?” he asked the vampire.

“He says he has a message for you,” Gunn’s voice was a low growl.

“I’m guessing you aren’t here in any official capacity,” Angelus stood up and walked around his large desk, his index finger tracing a line on the beautiful mahogany.

“That would be true,” Xander said and gave the master vampire a lopsided grin.

“How can I help you?” Angelus asked as if Xander wasn’t standing there, stinking up his office and pointing a gun at one of his employees.

“I’m here to tell you that you need to kept a better eye on your childer,” Xander coughed, “Seems they have delusions of grandeur and want to take your place as clan leader.”

Angelus laughed, “They’re vampires,” he shook his head and stopped only a few feet away from Winifred, “We all have delusions of grandeur and we all want more power.”

“Well, let’s just say Spike and Drusilla do more than dream about it.”

“Really?” Angelus slowly pushed his secretary out of the way and now Xander’s gun was pointing at the vampire’s chest. He slowly lowered the weapon.

“They got their hands on a slayer,” Xander explained and felt the world tilt a little to the left. Angelus reached out and grabbed on to the human’s arm, “Drusilla…and Spike,” Xander shook his head and tried to stand up straighter, “Your childe broke the truce on purpose.”

“Gunn?” Angelus turned to the other vampire.

“I see no reason why we should trust him,” the black vampire said.

“What would he gain from lying?” was the last thing Xander heard before the whole world exploded.


Xander hadn’t been out for more than a few seconds ,when he found himself pinned against the floor. He could feel something wet running down his face. Reaching up, he flinched when his hand came back covered in dark red blood. Using every last bit of strength he had left, he managed to push himself up a little and the heavy weight slid off him. Staggering to his feet he took in the ruined room in amazement.

He had been pinned down by half of Angelus’ large desk. The other half was splintered in little pieces close to the blown out windows.

“Bloody hell!” an ecstatic voice hollered, “Have to love explosives, right Princess?!” a slim blond vampire, standing in the doorway leading to the office, laughed. He made a grand sweep with his hand, indicating the devastated room.

Behind the blond vampire was a swaying woman. She reached her arms up at the ceiling and smiled manically, “Such pretty mayhem. But we made daddy and the bad kitten bleed,” she pouted.

“Spike,” Angelus was dusting off his black silk shirt. Large holes marred the fabric and blood was staining it an even darker color, “I’d offer you a drink but I don’t really like you…so.”

“That’s all right,” Spike said and kicked Gunn’s unmoving body as he walked across the floor to stand in front of his grandsire, “I’ll drink a good glass of whisky in your honor after I’ve dusted you.”

“You’re pretty cocky, lad,” Angelus’ smile was all sharp teeth.

“You’re all alone,” Spike looked around the room, “Where are all you little helpers and guards?”

“All gone,” Drusilla giggled.

“You really expect real vampires to care about stocks and keeping peace?” Spike mocked his grandsire, “Face it, you’re history.”

“Daddy’s mad,” Drusilla made a few odd dance steps and put her pale arms around Spike’s neck. She kissed the smirking blond’s cheek and whispered something in his ear.

“Yeah,” Spike nodded and gave her a playful look, “He would look good all tied up and bleeding, wouldn’t he?”

Xander tried to move as quietly as possible. He had spotted Winifred on the floor a few feet away.

“She’s dead,” Spike pointed at the lifeless human and then smiled at Xander, “You really did mess up our plans.”

“Glad to be of service,” Xander croaked and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“So he was telling the truth?” Angelus asked.

“Made so many plans. Getting all our little puzzle pieces in place. Itty bitty pieces. But,” Drusilla closed her eyes and hummed, “They started moving around on their own. Like stars. You can’t count the stars,” she tip toed over the many scattered bits of furniture and glass and stopped a few feet away from Xander, “The bad kitty kept playing with the big cats and getting in the way. Bad, bad little kitty.”

“Even a little kitten can scratch and bite,” Xander said defiantly.

“They can bleed, as well,” Drusilla pointed down at his feet and despite knowing he shouldn’t look down, he still did it. He was standing in a small puddle of blood. His socked feet were covered with deep cuts.

And the strangest thing was how he couldn’t even feel the pain.

“Drusilla, come back here, darling,” Spike calmly told the humming vampire.

“But I want to play. You said I could play,” she whined quietly and knelt next to Winifred’s lifeless body, “You didn’t let me play with the slayer before you killed her. You said I’d get to play.” She started pulling on the dead woman‘s long brown hair.

A loud roar made Xander stumble to the side in time to see Gunn fly through the air and tackle Drusilla. She shrieked and clawed at the other vampire’s face.

Spike reacted promptly by throwing himself at Angelus, forcing the older vampire back. Angelus attacked, his fangs bared.

Gunn, wounded and still half dazed by the explosion, wasn’t a match for Drusilla’s superior strength. She flipped the two of them over and sat on his chest slamming her fists against Gunn’s face. Gunn gurgled and tried to push her hands away.

Xander watched as the vampires fought each other, completely oblivious to his presents. Reaching down, he picked up what looked to be a severed chair leg. One end was splintered and had a sharp edge.

Gunn was a mess of blood and bones under the relentless attack of Drusilla’s fists. The black vampire’s body was twitching uncontrollably and finally turned to dust. Drusilla giggled happily and turned just to see Xander, bare his blunt human teeth at her, as he slammed the chair leg through her chest. She looked down at the protruding piece of wood with a puzzled look on her face.

The chair leg fell to the floor in a cloud of dust.

Spike’s scream was loud enough to leave Xander with the feeling that his eardrums had been pierced. The blond vampire staggered forward, pushing Angelus out of his way. Spike slammed against Xander, causing him to fly through the air and hit the wall with a loud skull shaking crack.

“Die, die, die,” the vampire chanted as he punched his fists into Xander’s stomach slowly turning the human’s ribs into a jumbled mess of muscle, skin and bone.

“Spike,” Angelus said, the master vampire limping as he made his way across the room to his remaining childe, “Spike,” he repeated but the blond vampire was too busy digging his fingers into Xander’s bleeding stomach to pay attention to anything else.

“All you had to do was tour Europe and enjoy yourself,” Angelus whispered. Standing right behind Spike, he ran a blood spattered hand through the sobbing vampire’s hair, “But you couldn’t even do that.”

“Dru,” Spike muttered and dried his tearstained cheeks with his gore encrusted hands.

“Shhh,” Angelus pulled Spike up on his feet, “I’ll make everything better,” he promised, grabbed Spike by the hips, hauled the younger vampire over his shoulder and down on the ruined table, spitting the blond on the upturned table leg.


Angelus pulled Xander’s limp and bleeding body closer and sank his teeth into the dying human’s throat.


The end
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