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Apr. 24th, 2015 07:16 pm
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So I saw the new Avengers movie and it was good but well...

It didn't blow me away like the first one did. There is just so many times where things happened that weren't explained or even brought up again. A little bit like a kid telling a story and going “And then um… um… Thor goes to find this thing…and um… then he …. But then there’s also Jarvis and he’s like also doing things…”

More under the cut...

Don't click the cut if you don't want to be spoiled! SPOILERS ARE UNDER THE CUT!!!

The whole Nat and Bruce thing seemed not at all well explained or very believable. It felt a little like the people on the film decided that there needed to be a love story and hey let's make it these two.

I like that Clint has a family. It made the character seem more interesting and I actually cared if he died or got hurt. The other characters are all a little too superhero-y and the angst over if they die or get hurt isn't really there. But Clint having a family and being more human made him actually the most interesting character in the movie.

I could give less of a shit about Thor or Steve in this movie. What makes Thor interesting is his relationship with Loki and well, without Loki he becomes a good looking dude with a hammer. Steve had more or less nothing to do in this film. The same goes for Tony.

The twins were just more characters to explain in too little time and I felt absolutely nothing at all when one of them died. Nothing… because I hadn’t been given a reason to care.

The Vision was interesting (THE HAMMER THING!!!!!) but given so little screen time that he barely mattered.

I think there were too many characters and too little time used to make them relevant or interesting - except Clint.

I wasn’t bored… I was just a little not caring… which is actually worse. A movie should make me care about the characters and this one didn’t really do that… apart from Clint. More power to Jeremy Renner for making me actually care about his character.


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