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Title: Blood spatter

Author: Devo79

Series: Accidental Fatherhood


“Okay, no,” Jesse said and closed the door to the bathroom. “Look” he said to the closed door “I’m gonna open this door again in like 10 seconds and that shit better not still be in there. Okay?” He gave the door a suspicious look and let his hand hover over the door handle.

Jesse started counting and then, when he reached 10, he opened the door to the bathroom really slowly.

“See, that’s not cool,” Jesse said and pointed at the blood splatter on the ceiling, “I’m going to be late for school if you keep this crap up,” he sighed and waved his hand around impatiently, “All this blood and you moaning all the time… I get that you’re haunting us and everything but you gotta work with me here,” Jesse was about to walk into the bathroom when he was pushed aside by Liam.

“Out of my way, Dumbo,” Liam said as he shouldered his way into the room “I need to take a p…” he stopped mid-sentence and looked down at his socked feet. His white socks were slowly turning red from the blood pool he was standing in.

“Yeeeeah,” Jesse drawled and held his hand out as if to indicate the features of a fancy hotel room, “wall to wall blood spatter and is that a severed foot sticking out of the toilet? I do believe it is.”

“This is still going on?” Liam turned to look at his little brother.

“We exorcised you once already,” Liam said to the room in general, “We had father Thomas over and everything. I prayed, God damn it. Prayed. Like Ave Maria stuff. Dad made me confess my sins in case you were haunting me in particular. Father Thomas won’t look me in the eyes anymore! Why are you still hanging around?”

A thick black fluid started oozing from the faucet in the sink.

“Okay, okay…” Jesse held up his hands placatingly, “We’ll use one of the other bathrooms. We’ll leave you to your ooze producing, blood splattering ways.”

Both teenagers stomped out of the room leaving bloody foot prints on the floor.

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