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Title: Care and feeding 101 – An apple a day
Series: Care and Feeding
Author: Devo79
Characters: Angel and Xander
Rating: PG13

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Title: Inspired by real events.
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander.

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Left Behind

Aug. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Title: Left behind
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
A/N: First thing I’ve written in a while. Hope I haven’t gotten too rusty.


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Title: What if God was one of us?
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
Rating: PG
A/N: This is what happens when I can’t sleep.

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Title: The Sacrifice, part 2/2
Author: Devo79
Rating: PG13
Summary: In an AU world, where demons and humans live more or less peacefully together, Detective Xander Harris is called out to a triple homicide that will change his life.
A/N: a few quotes from Charlie Huston’s Joe Pitt novels are used in dialog.

Part 1


The Sacrifice, part 2 )
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Title: The Sacrifice, part 1/2 
Author: Devo79
Rating: PG13
Summary: In an world, where demons and humans live more or less peacefully together, Detective Xander Harris is called out to a triple homicide that will change his life.
A/N: a few quotes from Charlie Huston’s Joe Pitt novels are used in dialog.


The sacrifice, part 1 )
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Title: Beautiful lies
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
Rating: PG
A/N: Inspired by the beautiful movie The Fall


Beautiful lies )


Oct. 28th, 2009 02:10 am
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Title: Golden
Author: Devo79
Characters: Xander, Jesse


Golden )

Apple Pie

Oct. 26th, 2009 02:38 pm
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Title: Apple pie
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
Rating: G
A/N: What if Xander had been completely blinded by the preacher?


Apple Pie )
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Titel: At the gates
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
Rating: G
Warning: Dialog!fic

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Title: Vaguely funny
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
Rating: PG13

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Title: The convention
Author: Devo79
Pairing: *throws hands in the air*
Warning: Totally crack!
A/N: I have no idea how this one happened. I might be going slightly mad…


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[info]jasonsnene wants to start a new Xander-centric community (all ratings, all pairings) and wants our help.

Check it here

Come join us :)


Sep. 1st, 2008 08:42 pm
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Title: Seraph
Author: Devo79
Character: Xander
Rating: PG13
A/N: Standalone.


Seraph )
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All stories have been written by me. I use characters created by Joss Whedon. I do not own the characters and make no money on the fiction I write.

Most of the stories are slash fics. They focus on the relationship between the characters. So if you're looking for porn…you should go somewhere else...or risk being disappointed.

Please leave feedback.



Slash Fiction


Accidental Fatherhood

Accidental fatherhood 1 (a/x, mpreg)

Accidental fatherhood 2   Accidental fatherhood 3   Accidental fatherhood 4

Accidental fatherhood 5   Accidental Fatherhood 6  Accidental Fatherhood 7

Accidental Fatherhood 8   Accidental Fatherhood 9   Accidental Fatherhood 10

Accidental Fatherhood 11  Accidental Fatherhood 12  Accidental Fatherhood 13

Accidental Fatherhood 14  Accidental Fatherhood 15  Accidental Fatherhood 16

Accidental Fatherhood 17  Accidental Fatherhood 18  Accidental Fatherhood 19

Accidental Fatherhood 20   Accidental Fatherhood 21   Accidental Fatherhood 22

Accidental Fatherhood 23   complete

Cookie Monster  I  Two of everything  I  Can't control it  I  Fix this!  I  What now?    

Heart and soul  I  Mending  I  Uncle Spikey  I  Going to a party  I  Babies and puppies    

What does it mean?  I  Being a Master vampire  I  Car trip from Hell  I  Ding dong

Silence  I  Surviving your children  I  The Talk  I  Rules for dating our kids, rules 1-3 

Rules for dating our kids, rules 4-6  I  Almost seventeen

Home movies...or We're never gonna talk about this again  I  Premonition

No bananas or condoms allowed  I  Deep regular breaths

Helpless  I Disagreement  I Demon child  I  Using both hands

Tough Love  I  Romance  I Ever Changing  I  Advice

Tall Tales  I Bittersweet

Twisted (AU of Accidental Fatherhood)


Dark Accidental Fatherhood

It follows Accidental Fatherhood chapters 1-12 and takes a look at what could have happened if Angelus hadn't been defeated.

Dark Accidental fatherhood - snippet

Dark Accidental Fatherhood part 1  I  Dark Accidental Fatherhood part 2

Dark Accidental Fatherhood part 3   complete



Home 1 (s/x)  Home 2 Home 3   Home 4

Home 5  Home 6  Home 7  Home 8

Home 9  Home 10  Home 11   Home 12

Home 13  Home 14  Home 15  Home 16

Home 17  Home 18  Home 19   Home 20

Home 21  Home 22  Home 23  complete

It's a book about sex (s/x)

The not so successful sexual experiments conducted by Mr. Harris and Mr. Bloody (s/x)



Keep quiet (s/x pre-slash)

Just for tonight

The hospital

If I leave now

I'm sorry  Complete


Different for girls

Different for girls 1 (a/x, sex-change) 

Different for girls 2   Different for girls 3   Different for girls 4  

Different for girls 5   Different for girls 6   Different for girls 7  

Different for girls 8   Different for girls 9   Different for girls 10  

Different for girls 11   Different for girls 12   Different for girls 13

Different for girls 14   Different for girls 15   Different for girls 16  

Different for girls 17  Different for girls 18   Different for girls 19  

Different for girls 20   Different for girls 21 Complete

A periode piece 



Pet 1 (s/x, a/x)  Pet 2  Pet 3  Pet 4  Pet 5  Pet 6  Pet 7 complete
Reassurance (a/x)
The slow burn (a/x)
Past revisited (a/x)




Finding 1/? (S/X) 

Finding 2/?  Finding 3/?  Finding 4/? 

Finding 5/?  Finding 6/?  Finding 7/?  

Finding 8/?  Finding 9/?  Finding 10/? 

Finding 11/?  Finding 12/?  Finding 13/?

Finding 14/?  Finding 15/?  complete

Feral Memories

Feral memories 1 (S/X) sequel to Finding

Feral memories 2  Feral memories 3  Feral memories 4

Feral memories 5   Feral memories 6  Feral memories 7

Feral memories 8   Feral memories 9  Feral memories 10

Feral memories 11  Feral memories 12  Feral memories 13

Feral memories 14  Feral memories 15   Feral memories 16

Feral memories 17  Feral memories 18  Feral memories 19

Feral memories 20  Feral memories 21 complete


Revenge 1 - soldiers (s/x) Sequel to Feral memories

Revenge 2 - Doctors

Revenge 3 - Father

Revenge 4 - Uncle complete


Not some cheesy gay porn movie

Bedtime Stories or Oi! We don’t sleep in coffins!

Living with monsters

Naughty or Nice



Consort 1 (a/x, s/x friendship)    Consort 2   Consort 3  

Consort 4  Consort 5  Consort 6  Consort 7   Consort 8  

Consort 9   Consort 10   Consort 11  Consort 12     complete
Anything for you (prequel)

Perfect Imperfection (sequel)

Eternity (sequel)


Blackout 1(a/x, s/x, pre-slash)

Blackout 2   Blackout 3   Blackout 4   Blackout 5

Blackout 6   Blackout 7   Blackout 8   complete


Sound of Silence



Gemelli 1 (s/x, a/x, x/x)  Gemelli 2   Gemelli 3   Gemelli 4  

Gemelli 5   Gemelli 6   Gemelli 7   Gemelli 8   Gemelli 9  

Gemelli 10   Gemelli 11    Gemelli 12   Gemelli 13   Gemelli 14  

Gemelli 15   Gemelli 16    Gemelli 17    complete

Mirror Image (300 word smut drabble)



Lost 1 (S/X)      Lost 5              Lost 9     

Lost 2              Lost 6              Lost 10

Lost 3              Lost 7              Lost 11

Lost 4              Lost 8              complete




Incubus 1 (s/x)    Incubus 2    Incubus 3    Incubus 4

Incubus 5    Incubus 6    Incubus 7    Incubus 8

Incubus 9    Incubus 10    complete

Getting picked (drabble)


Small and Scaly

Small and scaly 1 (s/x)    Small and scaly 2    Small and scaly 3

Small and scaly 4    Small and scaly 5    Small and scaly 6

Small and scaly 7   Small and scaly 8    Small and scaly 9

Small and scaly 10   Small and scaly 11   Small and scaly 12

Small and scaly 13   Small and scaly 14   Small and scaly 15

Small and scaly 16   Small and Scaly 17    complete



Part 1  (AU, vamp!Xander)

Part 2

WIP. On indefinite hiatus.

Gen fiction

Inner Child

Inner child 1 (Kid!Fic Xander)   Inner child 2

Inner child 3   Inner child 4   complete

Home (sequel)


The Sacrifice

Part 1  (AU, Xander)

Part 2    complete


Care and feeding

Care and feeding (Kid!fic Xander)

Care and Feeding 101- Food

Care and Feeding 101 - Next to godliness


Apple pie (Xander)

Golden (Xander, Jesse)

Sire Protection (s/x) 

Seraph  (Xander)

Feathers (Xander, Spike)

The Convention (Xander, crack)

Vaguely Funny (Xander)

At the gates (Xander, crack)

Friendship (Xander, Spike)

Beautiful lies (Xander)

Finding home (Xander, Angel)

To be nothing (Angel)

Near the end (Xander, Spike)   


What if God was one of us? (Xander)

Left Behind (Xander)

Inspired by real events (Xander, crack!fic)



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