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More info here:

These are his last 3 twitter posts:

"Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night."
"The End."

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Just a link for those of us who don't have a cat but like to relax to the sound of a cat relaxing
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So Copenhagen is right now dealing with 1 dead and 6 injured because an idiot decided that the best way to argue his point was to shoot people.

More info here:
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I used to have a dreamwidth account but then didn't really use it and deleted it.

But I've wanted a backup of my LJ account and so I present to you

It's just going to be the same as on my LJ account. Nothing more than a backup. Still, thought you guy should know.
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Thanks to [ profile] lil_coyote (and [ profile] tangerine_haze that requested it) you can now read Accidental Fatherhood in PDF, LIT and PRC format.

It's only the first 23 chapters that make up the first part of the story since the rest is WIP and couldn't be included.
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Making my final decision that I wasn't going to have kids made me feel so much happier.

And sometimes I see things that make me feel so happy about it that I need to share.

If you have kids, work with kids, have younger siblings, was a kid or live in a society that allows kids to roam free then this site will make you smile in recognition.
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so little time.

I've stumbled upon Books Should Be Free.

A gateway to books and audio books free to download. Some of the books can only be downloaded as e-books but most of them are in audio format as well.

All the books are public domain. So they're old but that just means that the catalogue is filled with the really good classics. Like Sherlock Holmes and book after book of the very first fantasy and vampire novels. There are a lot of non fiction books as well and not only books in English.

It's all (scanning and audio recording) done by volunteers and done well.

If you want a really good laugh you should try out Dear Godchild. I was listening to it while walking the dog and often found myself,
standing in the middle of the field, giggling like an idiot.
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Kevin's animal sanctuary — home to 51 llamas and more than 300 animals total — is in jeopardy because just over a year ago, Kevin was fired for being gay. Kentucky is one of 38 states in which employees can legally be fired for being LGBT.

Go check out the photos and story here.
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Found these amazing morphed photos here.

This is what Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman would look like if they were one person... or as I like to think of it... how John's and Sherlock's son would look :)

or Loki's and Thor's son (or their baby brother)

or Spock and Kirk's son

or House and Wilson's son #1 and #2

or Viggo and Orlando

or Pitt and Clooney.
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I'm just going to give you guys the link because it isn't work safe and maybe a little weird (No! It's WAY weird).

I need to know the following:


and WHY?!
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I have no idea who the guy is but... there's a kitty and a guy with dimples!
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You should check out if they've been interviewed for the Desert Island Discs.

You can download the interviews (mp3) or listen to them on the site.

Just to mention a few of the awesome people who've been interviewed:

J K Rowling
George Clooney
David Tennant

Go! Now! You know you want to.

The interviews are always interesting and often funny.
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Ever wonder what dog you look the most like?

Well now you can find out.

Go here and upload a picture of yourself.

I did it and apparently I'm a Beagle mix.
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Read by Samuel L. fucking Jackson!

Download the audio for free here.
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I seem to only be able to make the poor guy stumble a few feet - and that's when I'm doing really well - before he smacks his head into the dirt.


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