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Hi guys!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and an ever greater New Year.

I'm still alive and doing well. I've had to change a few things in my life because things weren't working out for me.

I'm working on getting a better and more healthy sleep cycle and that has turned out to be so freaking difficult. I'm trying to better myself in a few different ways and I'm setting goals that I very much would like to reach.

  • I'm paying off my debt (car and apartment) and it seems I'll be done with that this time next year, maybe even sooner.

  • I want to start reading books again so I've been buying books and (very) slowly started reading through them.

  • I want to start drawing again and have started doing so.

  • I want to start writing again as well and have a lot of different ideas and half-written drafts.

I've spent a lot of time with my dog and he's just this ball of energy and lifeforce that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with him :)
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I hope all of you have a great 2015!

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Say No to The Internet Slow Lane!

Big Telecom is about to impose expensive new fees on smaller websites that would create an Internet Slow Lane for everyone except giant conglomerates.

Many of your favorite websites could slow to a crawl.

If you support net neutrality you can take action

here if you're American

here if you're outside America

More info here

and here

and here
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I just got this comment on my AO3 account where someone read Pet:

"Such a great story be 'seemingly' and intelligent writer. So, why :“Don’t sweat it, man. Look…this proves that he can protect himself,” Gunn grinned “And even if he had to kick my black ass for us to find out that’s gotta be good news.”???

Why the racism?? You seem well rounded. Why the small mindedness? Here you abuse your power - publishing a story on this website - and indenting your nasty, racist view. It doesn't matter what on says about themselves. One doesn't represent all. And if Gunn ever said that on the show, that gives you no license to insult readers that way. Seems, you were just looking for an excuse to be vile."

So I sat my vile racist ass down and answered:


It's obvious that nothing I can say will make you change your mind about how very very racist you seem to think I am.

Being of mixed race myself I can only laugh at you presuming that I am a racist. But I will point out that it is Gunn that refers to himself as black and no one else. You can not seriously tell me that no black man has ever called himself black.

Also it seems that mostly Americans find the term black offensive. In the UK it isn't seen as a big racist word. Neither is it seen as racist in Denmark where I live.

If you want to label me as nasty or racist or both that's your right. It isn't true and by your comment, where you presume the worst without even asking first, I'm pretty sure you won't change your mind no matter what I say.

So you can think what ever you want to about me. I honestly don't care. If the word black offends you then you must get offended a lot and very easily.

I'll just go write some more nasty vile racist fiction and abuse my great power."

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I haven't posted to any comms for a long time and can't even remember what they were called (since I unfriended them when I stopped using them.)

What are the most used xander/angel comms out there on livejournal?
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Netflix has finally come to Denmark and so I have free access for 1 month.

I already know that I won't have it more than a month because I'll end up spending too much time watching stuff (and I don't want to spend the 14$ a month.)

But I finally have a chance to watch all the Buffy seasons... but I don't have the time.

So what should I watch? Which episodes are your favourites?

I'll come out and say that I never liked the episodes that focused on Buffy (I always thought she was the most boring character on the show) or her love life. Characters that I liked were: Xander, Spike and Angel. Oh, and I never really cared for Willow either. I always found her character to be annoying and she spoke too much. 
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So I'm working on a sequel to my Numb3rs fic Equal Rights.

It will deal with the events of the Janus List.

Do any of you know where I can find an online script of that episode and maybe some good screen shots. I need it for research.
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I just cancelled my paid account.

It's simply a question of what LJ offers me for the money I pay.

And to me it seems like I'm being offered less and less with every update. That, as well as the fact that I don't use LJ as much socially as I used to do, is the reason why I've dropped my paid account. I am NOT giving up my journal and I will still post my fics here (and yes there are fics being worked on.) I've just come to the point where I won't die if I have to look at a few ads while reading f-list updates and fics.
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I can't explain what happened...

I just sort of woke up and realized that I was hating my life and the way I was living it. I guess I just finally hit rock bottom and couldn't see my way out of the deep hole I was in. I'd lost sight of my priorities and what makes me happy and ended up just working and breathing and not much else.

It took me some time to fight my way back to where I could see a way forward.

I'm still working on it and my first priority is my health.

After talking with my neurologist I'm slowly reducing the medication I'm taking for the increased ICP (since he thinks my symptoms might be because of the drugs and not the ICP). The goal is to stop taking it completely. I'm doing the same with a drug I've been taking for 5 years for the PCOS.

I've started working out regularly again as well and my sleeping pattern is much better.

I've decided to sit out one season of choir to deal with all this and find my joy of singing again.

2012 will be a year all about finding balance again and figuring out what I want the next couple of years to be like.

As for the writing I've started getting ideas again and feel the need to write. So hopefully you'll be seeing something posted soon :)

I'm back...

Dec. 3rd, 2011 03:13 am
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and feeling much much better. I want to thank all of you for the support. I really appreciate it.

And there is nothing more life affirming than logging on to the official Danish medical website and find this written under "Treatment at hospitals"

26th of December 1979 at 6 am.
Obstetrics ward, Odense University Hospital.
One live child born.

That *points* was me : )

My mother ended up giving birth alone, on a bed that had been wheeled into a wash room, cause "nothing was going to happen for a while". The nurses left her there and they didn't make it back before I was already born. Guess I was in a hurry ; )
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I probably won't be posting (or commenting) much for some time.

I need to get my life back on track and that will take time.
I need to regroup and make sense of some pretty central parts of my life and possible future.

I'll try to keep up with my f-list and what is going on in your lives.

Catch you on the flip side :)
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I have never played a game that has so many glitches and problems with the game play before.

Only two of my LJ friends (I know there are at least three more) show up despite doing everything possible to change that.
The money required to buy extra space is outright stupid. First 50.000 dollars and then 100.000 and then it grows with 50.000 every time.
Researching costs money and then you have to wait up to 5 hours for the research to complete. And while you wait, your reputation suffers because you can't cure the patients.

The clinics need to be repaired and it costs anything from 500 to 8000 each.
Gold is almost impossible to make/get and you need it to keep researching. You could of course buy it, for real money, but honestly why would I?

So I'm giving up and un-installing it.
Sad but true.

If LJ wants us to play games then they need to offer better games.

Looking through the comm, where people can get help, it's pretty clear that a lot of people have the same problems.

But as a parting gift for the two friends I could see I give you this:

It'll help you diagnose the patients in the little game "Patient behind the screen."
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Does anyone know why [ profile] kitty_alex 's journal has been deleted?

I haven't talked with her in a long time but just noticed a few days ago that her lj has been deleted and purged.
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Tell me if you take one so I can cross it out:

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With LJ acting up as it is I've decided to back up my journal at Dreamwidth.

I'm Devo79 over there as well so please friend me there if you want.
My Journal hasn't been imported to Dreamwidth yet but hopefully it'll all get there at some point.
I'm not giving up my LJ but will be posting both at Livejournal and Dreamwidth.
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Every time something new happens with LJ people start to protest.

After reading the Terms of Service, I really don't know what is getting the users' panties in a twist.

There are certain things that the users of LJ must remember:

1) LJ is a business. It's not a charitable organization, their main goal is to make money. So the users should stop acting as if THEY own Lj. They don't. They buy a service. And the service comes with regulations and terms of everything else.

2)Fanfiction is, when all is said and done, more or less illegal. It's harmless, yes...but illegal.

3)Not all kinds of change is bad/wrong/aimed at you personally. They have now clarified what offensive content is:

LiveJournal is a social media platform that falls under the DMCA Safe Harbor Agreement and, as such, cannot be held responsible for any user-generated Content that appears on its Service. Without imposing legal accountability where none exists, LiveJournal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend any Account, remove any Content, and/or restrict access to any part of the Service that contains full nudity, violence, obscenity, gang-related Content, hate-based Content based on racial, ethnic, gender, transgender, disability, or sexual orientation, harassment of other users, endangerment to minors, incitation to violence or criminal activity, violation of another person’s intellectual property rights, or Content that is otherwise offensive or inappropriate under the TOS, in order to maintain a safe environment for all of its users."

No one is forcing you to use Lj. There isn't a big guy holding a gun to your head demanding that you use it. If you aren't happy about something just choose another service that offers you what you what.

Personally I have no problem with LJ. I just make sure to backup my stuff once a month or so. In case Lj closes or I'm banned or something else happens.

You can find the great tool, LJarchive, here. download the .exe file.
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So I de-friended some people today.

Seems that all the ones who want to stay mutual friends have already contacted me.

If I somehow f**ked up - and de-friended you, despite you commenting on my earlier post about this - then let me know and I'll fix it.

Went from 94 mutual friends to 39.
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If you do...please drop me a comment.

Remember that me un-friending you won't change the fact that you can see the things I post. I never friend-lock any of my posts or fics.

If it's all the same to you whether we're mutual friends (I can see your posts and you can see mine) or you list me as a friend (you see my posts but I don't see yours) then I'm going to un-friend you.

It's nothing personal but lately I've been trying to get as much time off the internet as possible. One way to do that is clean up my LJ, Twitter (I've unfollowed a few people there as well) and Facebook (un-friended 10 people there).

This is all part of me trying to change a few things in my life that don't work so well just now.

EDIT: I'm leaving this post up for two weeks. If I haven't heard from you before then, I'll interpret that as you not "caring" if I de-friend you.
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I've almost shortened the comms I'm a member of/watch down to nothing.

I've de-friended a few people (13 or so).

I just need to wheedle my LJ time down to the bare bones.


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