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Just saw that there is anal sex fics in the Frozen fandom...

Freaks me out a little.

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As part of my 101 in 1001 days challenge I'm not allowed to read fanfics for a month. It suddenly becomes so very clear how much I actually read and how I use it as a reward and to relieve stress.

The 15th of July is so far far away.

And I keep getting updates from AO3 about people posting in WIP's I'm following.

Oh, the pain!!!

For real?!

Feb. 1st, 2014 04:17 am
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There is Care Bear fanfiction.

I repeat... Care Bear fanfiction...

I'll just let that sink in...
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As I've written about before I have a huge problem not abusing the internet.

By that I don't mean that I keep hitting it, stalking it or calling it mean names ;)

What it means is that I use far more time on the internet reading fanfiction I don't really give a shit about, following fandoms about characters that I couldn't care less about and watching youtube vids of people I don't know and don't care about.

I'm living through other people, some of them not even real life people, while my own life just melts away.

I realized something had to be done, when I hadn't managed to write the job application to the job I wanted, because I'd been reading fanfiction, watching netflix and youtube videos.

So I searched the internet and found salvation: the Blocksites add on for Firefox.

I've made it impossible for myself to access AO3, Youtube, Facebook and a lot of other sites. Not only can't I go to the sites but any vids from Youtube that have been embedded on other sites simply do not appear.

It's been so freeing to just scroll past these blank blocks on Livejournal and other sites where I normally would have felt "forced" to watch some vids or read some facebook comments.

I can easily unblock a site but by the time I've started up the add on and asked it to unblock I've usually already lost interest in the thing I wanted to have a look at.
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I've noticed a trend in fanfiction lately where authors take characters from TV or movies and turn them into what is essentially children. Children who have sexual relationships with grown ups. Now the trend might not be a new thing but I certainly haven't noticed it before now.

It gets disguised as cat!boy, puppy!boy or angel!boy themed fiction but every description of the character has him/her acting and in most cases looking like children. Their smaller size, compared to the grown up character, is emphasized and their behaviour is very much that of a child. Sex scenes are abundant. The child characters often go into heat and demand to be fucked "forcing" the grown up character to have sex with them.

Am I the only one that finds this really really creepy and unhealthy?

Making the child seem to "want it" does not make it less pedophilia-like.

Here are a few examples:

A day at the mall
Puppy love

Cold turkey

Sep. 5th, 2013 05:14 pm
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I read too much fanfiction.

Way way too much.

I need to not read any. At least for some time.

This shit ain't healthy.

Maybe... maybe I've just already gotten what I needed out of fanfiction or maybe... what I'm looking for isn't there to be found?

*drops microphone and walks of stage*

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Today it struck me that out there somewhere there's some Chewbacca/Luke Skywalker fanfiction...

And then I really felt like I needed to go find it and read it.

I haven't done so yet... but the urge... oh, the urge!


Feb. 15th, 2011 10:43 am
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You couldn't have found a better synonym for cock?
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Why are the children in fics always amazingly smart and beautiful. They always end up larger than life and smarter than humanly possible. They also tend to talk like grown ups at an alarmingly early age and do everything perfectly, be it science, ballet or kung fu.

What's wrong with writing about kids that act like kids?
Snotty kids with difficulties reading or just plain boring everyday kids?

Stop writing about kids if you have no idea what kids are like!
And it always amazes me, that anyone can be so isolated, that they have no idea what kids are capable of at different ages.

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All the new plot bunnies I'm working on are gen. It seems that I'm moving from writing slash stories to writing gen.

This follows a shift in what I read. It's more and more difficult to find the slash stories interesting. I've never been very much into the sexual part of the stories and do actually sometimes skip that part of a fic.

I also find it easier to write when I don't have to press a romance or sex scenes into the plot.
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It pisses me off when fanfic writers don't answer comments to their fics. Is it really that time consuming and demanding to write "thank you" or "Glad you enjoyed it" ? I don't give feedback if I can see the author hasn't answered comments made by other readers.
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I just can't read it.
I've tried but it just crosses a line and makes me uncomfortable.

Playing with make-believe people is okay.
But real people have real lives and I don't think we, as writers, have the right to make stuff up about them.

When reading (well, trying to read) RPS I always feel like I've walked in on someone taking a shower or going to the toilet.
It's embarrassing and way way too personal.
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The reasons are many.

Mostly I've grown tired with the fandoms. Stargate, Star Trek Reboot and Die Hard 4.0 are the only ones I'm still reading.
I've tried to keep up on what's happening in Btvs, Sentinel and Numb3rs but just don't care enough.

I haven't actually worked on any of my own fics in a few weeks and haven't felt an urge to do so. 

What I have been doing is listening to Podfics. I can listen while walking the dog or doing something else.

I'll try to take a look at some of my fics this weekend... I really do want to finish Childe 2.

But if I don't post anything new for some time at least you'll know why.

Thank God!

Jun. 10th, 2010 04:48 pm
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for SGA podfics =)

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My interest in reading fanfic has DIED!
DIED, I tell you.
Died like an old dog.
Like and old dead dog!
Like an old dead dog that was run over by a ...well, you get the picture.

Though my interest in writing has gotten bigger. Thats kinda weird and I have so many bunnies waiting to be finished.
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How to find fics without going crazy or pulling your hair out.

Sounds nice doesn't it?
Well, you can.
Find the fic, that is. Not go crazy. Although that can be fun too ;)

So here are all the tricks I have learned in my many (3-4 years) of fanfiction reading.

I'll use examples from different fandoms but all the tricks can be used on any fandom you want to.

Simply type in your favorite pairing but remember that you might need to search both for the pairing by first names and last names.
Like this: John/Rodney or Sheppard/Mckay

You can use more words so you find a special genre.
Like this: John/Rodney angst first time.

Or if you know the title or just a word from the title (in this case it's the fic General & Dr Sheppard)
You can search like this: John/Rodney General.
This can of course also be used to find fics by a specific author. Then you can search like this: devo79 mpreg

But what if you're looking for fics about being homeless and want to know if there are any fics about this or where it's mentioned on but you don't want to search through it page by page.

Then you can use google. By putting the search in google like this: homeless site:
This means that google will look through searching for the word homeless.

If you remember a certain line form a fic then how do you use google?
Then you do it like this: put the sentence/line in " " and then simply use the trick shown before.
So it looks like this in the search field in google: "you won't need Vera" site:

I hope this helps you guys and feel free to link to this post :)

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I've been reading het fics just to see if maybe I could write it when I read this in a fic:

"He licked her kilt."

Now at first I just carry on reading despite wondering why anyone would want to do that... Then it dawns on me...

and I laugh.

Misspell WIN!


May. 7th, 2010 02:04 am
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If I have to read one more Stargate Atlantis fic that mentions how fat Rodney is I will SCREAM!

David Hewlett is not fat. He looks normal.

What kind of twisted body image do the people who write those fics have?!
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I have now, officially, grown tired and bored of the internet.

These last few weeks I haven't really used the internet like I used to. From it being about entertainment it has now turned to mostly information seeking and a little use of LJ and Facebook.

Fanfiction has grown dull (reading, not writing) and my attention has been diverted to pod casts about movies and science not to mention audio books.

So if I've stopped commenting on fics it's mostly because I've stopped reading. I still follow a few writers but all in all I think I've gotten what I wanted out of reading fanfiction and there isn't really much more for me to find.


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