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Jun. 27th, 2015 04:43 am
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for all the losers that threatened to get divorced if gay people were allowed to get married.

Asshats like this couple:

Oh... can you hear that? That noise outside your white picket fence? Yeah, it's the rest of the world being fabulous!

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So Copenhagen is right now dealing with 1 dead and 6 injured because an idiot decided that the best way to argue his point was to shoot people.

More info here:
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Say No to The Internet Slow Lane!

Big Telecom is about to impose expensive new fees on smaller websites that would create an Internet Slow Lane for everyone except giant conglomerates.

Many of your favorite websites could slow to a crawl.

If you support net neutrality you can take action

here if you're American

here if you're outside America

More info here

and here

and here
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Right now I'm watching a documentary about 3 couples who, instead of having kids, have a monkey. A monkey they get when it's a baby and then raise it as a human child.

Am I the only one who can see where this madness is going?
Faces being bitten and sad depressed monkeys!

Monkeys aren't humans, they need different social hierarchies and emotional relationships than humans. Stop dressing them in frilly dresses! Stop saying that you get mad when people call your monkey a monkey because she's your daughter! Its a FUCKING monkey!



Stop molesting the poor animal!


OH! Fuck you humans! They just went out to show the baby monkey's mother her baby for the last time before this weirdo couple take it away. And they are honestly surprised when the mother monkey freaks out.

Sometimes I just hate humans *sighs*

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All these blogs, by women blogging about their perfect organic homes and perfect biodynamic children while drinking fairtrade tea from beautiful china, are getting on my nerves.

I don't get what people get out of reading those blogs. Perfection is boring. Especially when it's all peppered with sepia photos of their new patchwork blanket thingy that they had the time to make because they're stay-at-home-moms who home-school their kids. (God forbid their precious babies were tainted by the real world and other real kids that don't live in perfect homes with perfect parents.)

I might barf...
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The video he's talking about:

It seems Google unfroze the view counter but others that have complained or criticized Google's changes on Youtube have had their account suspended or videos taken down.

I'm now changing my search engine to I'm done supporting Google.
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Google keeps forcing me to give more and more info about myself in order to do simple things like commenting on Youtube videos. Google forces products on me that I don't want and attempt to link every thing I do on the internet to a Google+ account that I was forced to make if I wanted to keep my Youtube account.

Google has become the weird mouth breathing stalker that just won't leave you alone. The creepy guy that keeps asking for your phone number and when you won't give it to him, he states that he already knows where you live.

Telling Google that I didn't want a Google+ account ultimately resulted in me having to keep saying no every time I tried to log in to Youtube. And then one day I had a Google+ account. I didn't make it myself but apparently by saying yes to Youtube I'd said yes to the useless Google+.

Today I just lost my patience when I couldn't even post a comment on a Youtube video without Google forcing Google+ on me. I couldn't even check my Youtube inbox any more because the messages now apparently were only possible to view on my Google+ account.

So now I don't have a Google account any more.

I deleted it.

If I walked into a clothes shop and wanted to buy a pair of pants and the owner wouldn't let me buy the pants, unless I also bought a t-shirt, a pair of socks and a hat, I'd walk out of that store and never return. We'd never accept this kind of treatment from anyone else. Then why do people accept it from Google?

Once upon a time I looked up to Google. I thought of them as the internet's alchemists trying to make the internet come together, trying to give me insight into the complexity of the internet.

Now I think of goggle as a sweaty stalker moaning on my phone telling me that he likes what I'm wearing and that he can see me.

I remember how I smiled with joy the first time I read that Google's motto is "Don't be evil". Now? That just seems ironic. And not in the cool hipster ironic way but in the sad "oh look they totally sold out" way.

Bye bye Google. You were a good friend but then you got clingy and weird and now I'm not taking your calls any more so stop contacting me.
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Just saw a map showing how much the water in our river will be rising in 20 years and we're fucked.

Our town will get flooded a few times a year (including my allotment garden). This will only be very bad if the town administration does nothing to prevent the flooding. Of course they can only do so much. The down town area will probably be protected but the riverbanks and the homes closest to the river will get flooded.

My garden is thankfully in the one end of the allotment garden area where there are the least problems with flooding and I've been making planting beds so the dirt I plant in will be elevated from the worst flooding.

The house might be completely fucked depending on how much the rise of water will effect my garden.

Thankfully my apartment is far enough away that we won't be affected at all (well, apart from not being able to get to work or going into town).

You might say that there's a long time before it'll happen.

20 years is a long time.

But I plan on being alive in 20 years and I plan on having my garden in 20 years. Not to mention that I actually plan on staying in my home town as well.

When the next election comes around I think I'll keep an eye out for the politicians that actually take this problem serious and have ideas and plans for preventing it from ruining the town.
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The Danish government is getting ready to support America in it's possible future attacks on Syria.

Have they forgotten what happened last time they happily followed America into a war zone?


That's what.

But that went well, didn't it?

I mean Osama is dead.

Yeah... I'm sure the Afghani people are dancing in the streets full of joy and gratitude. I mean they have perfect democracy now.


I mean they do... right?
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There this show on Danish TV called "Blachmann the naked truth."

It's been in the media a lot both in Denmark and apparently everywhere else.

The concept of the show is that two men sit in comfy chairs and a woman walks in, disrobes and then the two men start talking about the woman's body.

I've watched the show and it sucks. It's stupid and demeaning to women and then it's even boring.

Thankfully it only had around 59.000 viewers tune in for the last episode but still... I actually helped pay for that sexist piece of shitty program through my taxes and my yearly payment of my "license". A license I can't get out of paying because the government decided that anyone with a smartphone, or internet access have to pay just in case they watch Public Service TV on their devices.

There's a great article here about the whole program and why it's NOT cool.


Apr. 16th, 2013 04:04 am
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Right now they say

  • Three killed, including an 8-year-old boy

  • About 141 injured; 17 in critical condition

Horrible horrible horrible.
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I'd love to hear what books you've read that changed your life.

Mine are:

Maurice by E.M. Forster
Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
Night Work by Thomas Glavinic.
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"High school science teacher Tim McDaniel is being investigated by Idaho’s professional standards commission because he allegedly used the word “vagina” while teaching a 10th grade biology lesson on reproduction and anatomy."

How the fuck can this be real?!

How are you suppose to teach human anatomy if you can't use the real words?
What word should he have used?

Also, they are in the 10th grade. They already know what a vagina is and they are only one google search away from watching porn. The word vagina won't kill them. But being uneducated about sex and how to protect themselves actually can.

Sometimes I wonder how America has ever survived as a state since so many people apparently prefer that their kids grow up stupid!

This is the reason the world thinks that Americans are a bunch of gun carrying religious crazies.

I've taught anatomy to 3rd graders and I used the real words. They need to know that there is nothing to be ashamed about. So if they ever need to talk to a grown up, about something related to their body, they can do so without feeling bad about it.
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I always say thank you when someone helps me.

I say thank you to people working at firms where I need to complain. They just work there, it isn't their fault that their company fucked up.

I say thank you to people working at the supermarket, even when they tell me they're out of an item I wanted.

I say thank you when people hold the door for me and when people pick up stuff I dropped.

And almost always they look a little surprised. Like being thanked politely isn't an everyday thing.

Where did the politeness go?

My mother can be a bitch to people working in retail/supermarkets and it always embarrasses me.
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People are all up in arms about horse meat.

And I understand that people are pissed if they thought they were eating dead cow and then it turned out that they were in fact eating dead cow mixed with dead horse.

That's tricking people into buying something they might not want.

What I don't get is why people are acting like eating horse is in some way worse than eating cow. As if the horse, as a species, is far too noble an animal to end up on our plates.

If you have no moral problem eating cows and pigs and chickens then why would you get all upset when presented with a plate of horse meat?

We humans are a weird group of animals. We make strange moral rules about what we can and can't eat.

If the animal is beautiful and majestic then no, you can not eat it.
If we keep them as pets then no, you can't eat it.

Pigs are as smart as, and in some cases smarter than, dogs and yet we get all upset when someone eats dog meat while we don't as much as shrug when someone fries up some bacon.

Double standards!


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