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I've had a great summer :)

I've gotten so many things done and had a lot of fun.

I've had my loan changed in the bank so that I'll be done paying for my apartment in 2 years instead of the original 30 years (with 20+ years left to go). That way I can start to save for a house out of town. I'll be done paying for the car in 2 years so I'll be dept free pretty soon :)

The puppy is still a little crazy... cause well... he's a puppy. Almost house trained and knows how to sit and "shake paw". We're starting puppy school tonight and I'm really hyped about that.

I'm going to the garden today and hope there'll be some tomatoes to take home. We've had a kinda cold and rainy summer so the tomatoes have been a little late in ripening. I harvested all the turnips yesterday and dried them so I can save them for winter. I do the same with most of the squash.

Work starts on the 10th of August, thankfully. Having so much time off gets boring after some time.
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Yesterday I was walking my dog, going home from a dinner at my older brother's, and then it hit me.

I really have a great life.

I smiled like an idiot all the way home.

This past year I've felt a little like I've been forced to drop one dream after another. Especially my dream of owning a house. But once I let that fantasy go everything just sort of fell into place. I feel much more settled and I feel much more in tune with myself.

My focus has shifted from saving money and not letting myself use any to me using money on projects that matter to me.

I'm planning a trip to London with my niece and I'm working seriously on turning my allotment garden into a small piece of paradise.

I've bought plants that I've wanted since I bought the garden but didn't feel like I could use money on. I've spent a lot of money on improving the soil and buying seeds. I even bought a greenhouse.

And I haven't once felt guilty about it.

I used to feel guilty about using money because I wasn't saving it up for my house.

But the truth is that I love my apartment. I love the area I live in and I love my home town. I really don't want to be living somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. And if I was to buy a house it would have had to be outside of town in order for me to afford it.
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I'll be planning my garden this week.

What to sow/plant and where?
Do I have room for more fruit trees and bushes? and what kind do I want?

What needs to be repaired on the houses?
I'll have to put a new roof on the main house.

Do I build a greenhouse or do I buy one?
I really want a greenhouse this summer to plant all the crazy seeds my dad brought home from Turkey last summer. Half of them I honestly don't even know what are?! But I have maybe a thousand melon seeds. Really dad?! A thousand melon plants. Where the hell am I supposed to sow that many?!

My balcony needs work. I want to get some new planters and maybe put some colour on the whole thing. It's all grey and boring right now. And I want to use the walls more than I do now. Maybe buy some planters for the walls and just go crazy with plants.
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Finally found the breed of chickens I want in my garden.

They have to be small and have a calm temperament.

So I'm looking for sabelpoot chickens. They weigh less than a kilo (2 pounds) and easily get tame.


They look so FABULOUS with their fancy feet feathers. I'm hoping to get them in a couple of different colours so I can tell them apart.
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My mother is about to sell her house. So she checked out how long it would take to get to rent a house through the local housing association.

7 years.

I'd be on a waiting list for SEVEN years.

There goes my dream of renting a house... because even if I was on the waiting list, they let people who already live in a building in their
housing association get it first.

So I've been reassessing what I want to do. I've checked out the local owner's market in my area in my price range.

And the conclusion is that I just don't have the money to get a house. Not now and even if I saved up for 5-7 years I'd still not have enough to pay for a decent house. The houses I can buy are all sold as condemned houses, where you're really just buying the land because the house itself is falling apart.

So my focus has slowly shifted to making my apartment work better for me and making plans for my garden.

As far as my apartment goes I'll:
- make it more homey
- make room for my hobbies
- focus on house plants and trying out now things.
- check out what putting new flooring in the bedroom and living room would cost.
- get a price on what it would cost to get windows up and closing off my balcony.
- find out what it costs to install a fake fireplace with a build in heater.

As far as the garden goes I'll:
- put new roof on the main house.
- have chickens.
- build a green house.
- buy more fruit trees.

As far as my personal life goes:
- learn that using some of my money is okay (I tend to feel guilty)
- go on vacation alone or with someone (haven't been on a trip for 10 years)
- find some courses at the local schools I want to take.
- get more involved with the local community.
- use more time on my hobbies.
- keep applying for new interesting jobs.
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I got too caught up in saving money for my house.

It became an obsession where everything began to circle around saving money and planing what I wanted to do in 5 years. I began living in the future. And not in the cool sci-fi way but in the "I can't buy/do this thing I really want because I need to save money for my house" way.

Not cool or funny at all.

And I realized that during the summer break.

Realized that I could die before I reached my five year goal and then all I'd be able to say would be "I might not have had any fun these last few years but I almost have enough money to buy a house!"

So this summer I started repairing my house at the allotment garden and making the garden into the self sufficient heaven I wanted it to be. I fixed the walls that were falling apart, painted the walls, build a chicken coop, planted and gardened like crazy.

I don't think I've been this happy in years.

I'm still saving up for a house. The dream still exists. It just isn't all consuming and fun killing any more.

And my allotment garden has become something I plan to keep for as long as I can. Maybe even after I do buy a house.

I love that garden.

Tomorrow I'll take some photos and post them so you can see my personal heaven :)
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I'm done with my first round of sowing seeds in my garden.
List of seeds in English and Danish... )
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I was digging up the last potatoes today and this little piece of a plate surfaced.


It looks like part of a toy plate. Maybe from a tea set.

Every time I dig in the garden I find weird stuff: keys, coins, broken plates, glass from the old green house.

For some reason this piece feels different or rather... I feel differently about it. I wonder what it was part of and how it got broken?

I won't be keeping it since it has no use and no sentimental importance to me.
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I only have 6 big jars and 5 or so small jars left.

I'm all out of bottles for juice...

I'm here to can fruit and kick ass.
And I'm all out of canning jars.


I've mostly canned fruit and tomatoes from my own garden or stuff I've harvested in the local park.

I still have a huge amount of raspberries in my garden and it seems like it's a never ending supply. I've made two batches of raspberry jam, two batches of raspberry juice and I've dried two jars of raspberries. And I'm nowhere near done!

As things look now I'll have jam and juice well into spring (so 6 months or so).

This is all part of my quest to be more self-sufficient a far as food goes. 

I plan on growing as much fruit and vegetables in my garden as possible. The goal is to produce enough food that I can live off it at least part of the year.

This year I've harvest:

Apples (local park)
blackcurrant (my mother's garden)
Sugar beets
Rainbow chards


What I plan on adding next year:

Sunflowers (for the seeds)

If I can't afford to buy a tiny family farm I will sure as hell get as close to it as I can.
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I get it. Summer is over. Not that it didn't rain lots during the summer as well.

But could you maybe stop with the rain?

I need to get the garden ready for winter and that's kinda hard when the ground is so wet I can hardly walk on the lawn. All I'm asking for is two days of dry weather so the lawn can dry up and I can cut the damn grass.

That's all!

Two freaking days!


A bike!

Aug. 3rd, 2012 01:49 pm
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After thinking about it for months I'm going to buy a bike.

I used to have a bike and loved to ride it and go for long trips in the local area.

I'll buy a transporter to hitch on to the bike when I find a cheap one like this. That way I can bring the dog with me. I'll use it when I'm going to my garden and take the dog to the nearest forest a few miles away (too long to walk there and then take a walk in the forest for my ageing dog.)

It won't take long for the bike to earn itself home because I'll be saving money on the gas I'd have used for the car doing the same things.
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Some ass hole threw an open bag of rat poison over the hedge and into my garden.

By some miracle my dog, that'll eat anything, didn't eat any of it.

Some ass hole, who knew what would happen if a dog or a child ate some of the poison, deliberately opened a bag of rat poison walked over to my garden and threw the bag over the hedge.

If I figure out who it was I'll rip his/her windpipe out and whip them to death with it.

Fucking bastard!
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Come with me through this door to a magic garden.

Click and meet your guide... )
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The couple that owned the garden before me didn't really use it because they managed to sell their apartment and then bought a house. So they didn't really have any use for an extra garden. That means they just left it be for a year. And it showed when I started working on the houses in the garden.

The garden has three houses. House #1 is the main house with a small kitchen. House #2 is an extra room. House #3 is divided in two. One part is the tool shed and the other is the toilet.

Here are some before and after photos of the houses.

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So I'm almost done with the houses at my new garden.

Today I'll fix the toilet. Already bought a camping porta potty. Or rather, my mother bought it for me :) Thanks!

The floor needs fixing in the small toilet shed and then I might cover it with linoleum to give it that bathroom feel. I need to buy a small table as well.

And when that is done I'll be starting on the garden itself. I'll build boxes to grow produce in and clean up the flower beds.

Busy busy busy!

Actually I've been so busy that I fell asleep while walking the dog. The dog sat down to pee and I fell asleep standing up.
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The woman who owned the allotment garden, before the young couple I bought it from, had a really creepy fascination with angels and mirrors.

And just so you know, mirrors kinda creep me out.

And I just find angels, the cute dreamy looking kind, creepy and a little tacky.

So I used 6 hours yesterday taking most of the stuff in the house and putting it in one of the sheds. Apparently there's going to be a yard sale at the gardens soon so getting rid of the angels and mirrors should be easy. If I can't sell it I'll gift it to goodwill.

And every time I opened a drawer I found candles. I think I've found about 100 or so, if not more.

Today I'm going to clean the inside of the house and then start on the tool shed.

I think it'll take me about a week to get everything done the way I like.

First part of the mission is to get the angels and mirrors the hell out of my new tiny garden house *shivers*
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Just like when I bought my apartment... I made a fast decision and bought an allotment garden today.

It has an awesome little house, a huge apple tree. I get all the equipment and all the furniture in the deal as well so all I have to do is clean up and then start working on the garden itself.
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