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So in a very short time a lot of my hamsters have died. I'm down to 1 male and 4 females.

And tomorrow one of the females, the mother, will be put to sleep. She has, in maybe 6-7 days, developed HUGE tumours on her belly.

So I went from having 2 hamsters to having 9 hamsters to having fewer and fewer.

I mean, just these past 8 days I've burried 3 males. One went into a coma and die, probably diabetes, one (the father) just died in his sleep and the last one I had put to sleep because it wasn't eating and getting weaker and weaker.

I can't shake the feeling that this guy is hanging out at my apartment.

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The poor hamster with the swollen eye is doing okay. The eye is normal sized now but clearly not functioning. She doesn't seem to be in pain which is the most important thing. I've stopped rinsing it since it only made the eye swell up when I did it the last two times.

I now have a pirate hamster...

What should I call her since she doesn't already have a name?
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Wednesday I noticed that one of the female hamsters had a badly infected eye. It was very swollen as well, so much so that she couldn't close that eye, and looked damaged somehow. I immediately washed the eye in camomile tea and then repeated it a few times during the day.

The next day it was obviously better. The swelling had gone down and the colour of the eye had gone from blood red to dark blue. Luckily my mother had just had an eye infection, lucky for the hamster not her, and I borrowed some of her medication.

The hamster's eye is almost back to normal size but I doubt she'll ever be able to see with it again. But the important thing is that she' doesn't seem to be in pain and she's eating normally.

And the little fucker keeps biting me when I'm trying to help her.
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All the hamster babies survived even though the tiny runt is still almost half the size it's supposed to be.
They're all doing good and seem healthy.

Mommy!hamster lives with her 4 daughters while Daddy!hamster lives with his sons. They all seem to get along okay and I've decided to just keep all of them.

Apparently the best way to sleep is on top of your sister with your butt on her head.

I wanted to post more photos but LJ kept screwing it all up.
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Today I picked up every single baby and tried to determine their sex and weighed them.

There are 4 boys and 3 girls. Most of them weigh 10-11 grams while the runt weighs 7 grams.

One of the babies decided that he needed his own place and build a nest behind the plastic toilet corner. His mother found out and made it her mission to completely destroy that tiny nest.

The runt is the most feisty little mother fucker of them all. She warns me not to pick her up by rolling on her back and threatening me with her teeth and high pitched screams.

Daddy hamster is still very depressed so I let two of the little boys visit him. The second he noticed them he started washing them. Then he hurried over and washed himself, ate something and started building new nests. This poor guy hasn't been out of his house for days, wouldn't eat or take dust baths. They'll need to visit him every day until they are old enough to move in with him permanently.

I haven't had this much pet fun for years!
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Managed to get a photo of one of the hamster cubs. It looks like its father with the white fur and black spots. It came staggering out of the nest, eyes still mostly closed, and wandered around like a zombie looking for its mom. She was busy eating and had no time for the little guy.

Pictures! )
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So Sif, the very male and fertile hamster, moved into a cage of his own today.

Freya stayed in the old cage with her babies, in an attempt to make sure she doesn't get too stressed out and cannibalises her kids.
The babies seem to be doing okay and now it's just about waiting until the babies can be separated by sex.

Sif is wandering around in his cage looking for Freya. Poor guy. He should have kept it in his pants... or fur... whatever.
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So today I wanted to clean my hamsters' cage. I do that every 2 weeks. I don't need to do it more often because they pee in a small plastic corner with sand in it and I change the sand every day.

I've already put the hamsters in a small carrier cage and taken the toys and the house out, when I see something small and dark where the house was. I push it a little with my finger and...


Turns out that Sif isn't a girl and that naming your hamster Freya after the Norse goddess of fertility and love isn't the best idea in the world.

So now I don't have 2 hamsters. I have 9 hamsters. 7 of them are still tiny and blind but have fur.

No pictures yet because I didn't want to stress them out. If Freya gets too stressed out she might eat the babies.

Now I have to figure out what to do about Sif. He'll need a new place to be after the babies have been weaned. I'm really not interested in the hamster family growing more than it already has. And the babies will need new homes soon.

Daaaaammmmmnnnnnn yooouuuuu!
*shakes fist at Norse gods*
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Yesterday I bought an old fish tank for 5 dollars. But that meant I'd have to fill it with something. I didn't want fish so I bought two hamsters.

Sif (Goddess of battle)

Freya (Goddess of love, fertility, and battle)

It's been a long time since I last had small animals. I've had my dog for a long time and used to have lots of rabbits and chickens and a whole lot of other animals. I'd completely forgotten how very relaxing it is to just sit there and let these small balls of fluff crawl all over me :)

This is also part of my plan to let go a little more and not live in the I'll-do-it-when-I-finally-have-enough-money-to-buy-my-house.


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