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I visited the puppies a few days ago and pointed out two puppies I was interested in (I'll only be getting one) but didn't make any final decision because their personalities haven't really started to show yet.

I need a calm and friendly dog because I live in an apartment and I need to trust him around a lot of kids.

But I do have pictures for you to squee over :)

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I now have 3 chickens in my allotment garden. They don't have names yet so any suggestions would be great :)

I've also had to take in my nieces guinea pigs. My mother is moving and she won't have a place for them at her new place. So they're hanging out at the garden too.

Also, chicken pics!

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Yesterday I bought an old fish tank for 5 dollars. But that meant I'd have to fill it with something. I didn't want fish so I bought two hamsters.

Sif (Goddess of battle)

Freya (Goddess of love, fertility, and battle)

It's been a long time since I last had small animals. I've had my dog for a long time and used to have lots of rabbits and chickens and a whole lot of other animals. I'd completely forgotten how very relaxing it is to just sit there and let these small balls of fluff crawl all over me :)

This is also part of my plan to let go a little more and not live in the I'll-do-it-when-I-finally-have-enough-money-to-buy-my-house.
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Me and different people :)
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I was at the Natural History Museum in Aarhus today and saw a lioness get dissected. I took some photos. I'm putting them behind the cut because I know not everybody can handle blood (not that there is much of it but... there are some guts up close.)

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Woke up to a snow storm:

And my dog's reaction to that:
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I was digging up the last potatoes today and this little piece of a plate surfaced.


It looks like part of a toy plate. Maybe from a tea set.

Every time I dig in the garden I find weird stuff: keys, coins, broken plates, glass from the old green house.

For some reason this piece feels different or rather... I feel differently about it. I wonder what it was part of and how it got broken?

I won't be keeping it since it has no use and no sentimental importance to me.
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Went to the local recycling station, where people can leave stuff they think is too good to be recycled/burned. They sell the things and give the money to charity. Just when I arrived a man unloaded a small dresser. At first I wasn't sure I'd buy it but just as my mother and I were leaving I grabbed it and paid 50 kroner (9 $) for it.

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Aug. 29th, 2012 12:01 am
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A couple of people have asked about the size of my... apartment.

It's 45 square meters or 484 square feet.

apartment copy
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I posted pictures of my apartment in 2008. That's quite some time ago so I thought it might be fun to post some new ones.

And yes... The place always looks like this. I'm very tidy and since I don't own much I don't have much to mess the place up with :)

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It felt good taking my TV and putting it in my Mom's basement.

I told her that if she found someone who wanted it they could have it. Cause I'm not using it and it was just getting in my way. The apartment seems so much brighter since the TV isn't blocking out all the light coming from the balcony door.



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Come with me through this door to a magic garden.

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The couple that owned the garden before me didn't really use it because they managed to sell their apartment and then bought a house. So they didn't really have any use for an extra garden. That means they just left it be for a year. And it showed when I started working on the houses in the garden.

The garden has three houses. House #1 is the main house with a small kitchen. House #2 is an extra room. House #3 is divided in two. One part is the tool shed and the other is the toilet.

Here are some before and after photos of the houses.

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Made this manip for [ profile] whichclothes and her travel-partner Mini!Spike

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Found this fruit at my mother's house today ;)
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A Danish TV station is having a photo art project going on. One of the things you could do was upload a picture of your scar.

So I uploaded this:

When I was a kid I had chickenpox. One of the damn itchy things was right at my eye. When it finally fell off it left behind a scar and the eyelashes never grew back.
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This is how my dog sleeps. Surrounded by her toys. The crocodile (the green toy by her stomach) is her favourite one to sleep with. If we're sleeping together on the couch, she will suddenly realize she forgot to bring the crocodile. And then she'll run into the bedroom to get her baby :)


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