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This anthology has fast paced action and captivating romances from authors around the world. Whatever you're in the mood for, this collection has something for everyone!

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My story, Feathers, is part of the Wing!Fic anthology. I'm really proud of it and hope you'll want to read the book :)

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Hi. I haven't been around much. I've been super super busy.

I'm having a short story published this summer in an anthology called Wing!fic.

The art for my short story is already up on the page. But here it is:

The anthology is published by Tropes Publishing House. A really cool publisher!


Jul. 12th, 2015 12:22 am
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Today I've collected my notes on a few fics that I've worked on for a long time but haven't gotten around to finish because of real life.
I'll be reading through them and get them in order so I can actually finish them and post them.

Also, dog update:
He keeps humping his stuffed cow and biting. His teeth are itching like crazy... poor little puppy. I guess he's trying to hump his worries away.
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I've been gearing up to this for some time now and I feel ready to start writing again...
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So a lot of fanfic writers tend to write Xander as a skinny kid. But why'd you want to do that when the actor grew up and turned into a pretty awesome looking guy?

A grown man who rocks the slightly grey look this well should be allowed to grow up in our stories too.


Pic found here.
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I'm working on a few fics:

Xander realizing that the world is not white and black but more or less just shades of murky grey. (kid!fic)
Sequel to Equal Rights, focus on the Janus list.
Last chapter(s) of Childe.
WW2 numb3rs fic.

I'm taking things slow. Probably starting on the Equal Rights sequel.
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I just got this comment on my AO3 account where someone read Pet:

"Such a great story be 'seemingly' and intelligent writer. So, why :“Don’t sweat it, man. Look…this proves that he can protect himself,” Gunn grinned “And even if he had to kick my black ass for us to find out that’s gotta be good news.”???

Why the racism?? You seem well rounded. Why the small mindedness? Here you abuse your power - publishing a story on this website - and indenting your nasty, racist view. It doesn't matter what on says about themselves. One doesn't represent all. And if Gunn ever said that on the show, that gives you no license to insult readers that way. Seems, you were just looking for an excuse to be vile."

So I sat my vile racist ass down and answered:


It's obvious that nothing I can say will make you change your mind about how very very racist you seem to think I am.

Being of mixed race myself I can only laugh at you presuming that I am a racist. But I will point out that it is Gunn that refers to himself as black and no one else. You can not seriously tell me that no black man has ever called himself black.

Also it seems that mostly Americans find the term black offensive. In the UK it isn't seen as a big racist word. Neither is it seen as racist in Denmark where I live.

If you want to label me as nasty or racist or both that's your right. It isn't true and by your comment, where you presume the worst without even asking first, I'm pretty sure you won't change your mind no matter what I say.

So you can think what ever you want to about me. I honestly don't care. If the word black offends you then you must get offended a lot and very easily.

I'll just go write some more nasty vile racist fiction and abuse my great power."

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Xander: So, what assets do we have?
Spike: One charming and dashingly handsome vampire, one gun but no bullets, a bag of diapers and you... a smelly human...
Xander: So nothing?
Spike: Hey! Didn't you hear me mention the charming and dashingly handsome vampire?!
Xander: Yeah, but since he apparently hasn't joined us yet I guess we'll have to do without him.
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I haven't posted to any comms for a long time and can't even remember what they were called (since I unfriended them when I stopped using them.)

What are the most used xander/angel comms out there on livejournal?
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I'm deleting my fics on the google homepage. I haven't updated it for at least a year or so and don't see a need for the fics to be there.

I will keep my fics on LJ and on AO3 where they are all uploaded and kept updated.

I will be deleting my Dreamwidth account as well since I don't use that either.

Just lightening my internet weight :)

Also... I've been writing a bit lately just for fun... Dipping my toes in Accidental Fatherhood and Care & Feeding.

I especially have a good feeling about Care & Feeding.
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I have only a few and none of them have an end goal... which I think might be the trick to sticking to them.

* I want to start drawing again. I used to draw all the time and loved it.

* I need to get a better sleep cycle. Far too often I end up with just a few hours sleep.And I do feel the effects of it.

* And I have this story stuck in my head that just won't leave me alone. It seems to want to be written and I'll attempt to get it done.
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I've tried a lot lately. I truly have.

I've written on paper and I've tried writing on the computer but there is just no drive to write. It's not a lack of inspiration. Cause I have tons of stories in my head. I just have no need to get it down on paper or posted. The stories are there and I'm fine with them staying in my head.

I don't really feel I have anything to add to any of the fandoms. I get the feeling that everything/every angle that can possibly be explored has been explored, sometimes badly... sometimes well, but there is no stone left unturned. And I never really felt the need to repeat myself, or others, in my writing.

I have repeated myself... and those fics are my least favourite.

Writing fanfiction was, for a long time, my contact to the world around me. I craved comments like an addict craves her drugs. I would refresh the inbox twenty times an hour, hoping that someone would have commented on my fics. I'd get validation from people I had never met and never will meet. I existed through my writing and not, as it should have been, the other way around.

But through fanfiction I've, virtually, met some pretty amazing people.

And I don't regret having written fanfiction because I've gained a lot of self-esteem and become better at writing English. I'm not even saying that I will never again write a fanfic. I might, but I just don't see it happening any time soon.

When writing becomes a chore you have to do, not because you like writing but because you feel like you should, then you should step away, if not forever then at least for a while.

So that is what I'm doing.

I'm taking a bow and gracefully stepping away from the pen.

Thank you to all my readers.
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Looking through my WIP folder on the computer I found a file with only one sentence in it and I have no idea why I wrote it or what it's even remotely about. It makes no sense!

"They kept forcing him to sit in a large armchair with in his pyjama. "

I don't drink or do drugs and yet... I have no idea when I wrote this or why. I have no recollection of ever having written this.

*throws up hands*
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Real life got in the way but I have all of it written on paper now and just need to find the time to edit it and post it.

Sorry about the wait.
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I've decided I need to set myself monthly goals for my writing. If I don't nothing will happen.

So my goal for September is to finish Childe.

I already have most of the last chapter plotted and written down on paper so things are coming along nicely :)
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So I'm working on a Die Hard 4.0 fic involving a mtf transgender character.

And I have one question that I just can't find reliable info about on the internet.

Since a woman's vagina is self cleaning (to a certain point) is it necessary for a mtf woman to clean her vagina somehow?
And if so, then how is it done?
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I've been very busy during this summer break.

- put now flooring in the kitchen and hallway.
- painted walls in the apartment.
- fixed the bathroom, including having a plumber put a new faucet in.
- bought and fixed two dressers.
- painted doors in the apartment.
- took down damaged roof on garden house.
- helped my mom wash her doors and a few other small jobs.
- bought new towels and bathroom rugs.
- made art...

And now I think I'll start writing a little.

I'm working on a short Accidental Fatherhood fic and a longer one.
Care and Feeding might get updated too and I'll do my best to finish Childe.

I'm working on a human AU Spike/Xander fic.

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So I'm working on a sequel to my Numb3rs fic Equal Rights.

It will deal with the events of the Janus List.

Do any of you know where I can find an online script of that episode and maybe some good screen shots. I need it for research.
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I wrote a small piece of fiction in 2007. It was a Maurice fic and I recently posted it on my new AO3 account.

Then I started getting comments from a reader on it. This reader just simply did not understand that I wasn't interested in a huge discussion about a fic I only vaguely remembered writing or a book and film I only had a blurry and vague memory of.

Then it just seemed to get a little out of hand.

You can go check out the (maybe ongoing battle) here.

Please do NOT comment. Hopefully the discussion will just die if left alone.

I just thought it might be fun for you guys to read.
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So after posting my fics on AO3 I can follow how many hits each fic gets and how many kudos they get.

The top fics are:

Accidental Fatherhood (the main fic): 481 hits
Equal Rights (main fic): 371 hits
Baby (Firefly fic): 353 hits
Dark Accidental Fatherhood: 316 hits.

All of these are mpreg fics.

The fic that has gotten most kudos is Small and Scaly.

Funny how these are all kid fics and mpreg.

What surprises me the most is that Baby is in the top three. That fic is old and was started in January 2008. It's in a relatively small fandom and so I wasn't expecting anyone would read it.


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