Oct. 4th, 2010 08:07 pm
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Nominated in the following categories:

"Slash Author"
"Epic fic" (Accidental Fatherhood)
"Ludicrous & Far Too Breakable" (Finding)

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So my good friend [ profile] beccers4469 nominated me over at the White Knight Awards.

And I'm happy that she thinks I deserve to be nominated. Really, I am!

Who doesn't want to be told their stories are read and appreciated?

But she nominated the first BTVS fic I ever wrote, Finding, and I know that it's filled with mistakes and clichés and just really not my best work. *whispers* it's kinda crappy *coughs* And as a writer I want new readers to see me at my best. And new readers often start at award sites.

Near The End is me at my best. The Sacrifice is me at my best. Small and Scaly is me at my best.

Finding is me as a toddler (as far as my BTVS writing goes) stumbling around trying to learn the fandoms vocabulary. Trying to find my feet and not fall on my face, which I still did quite a few times in that fic, It's me doing finger painting.

I'm not embarrassed by Finding. I just know that I've done better work. Much much better work.

So I don't know... Has this happened to other writers on my f-list?

And AGAIN. I really mean it, [ profile] beccers4469 , when I say that I'm honoured by you wanting to nominate me. I just know that Finding is really not my best writing.

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YAY! Equal Rights has been nominated over at [ profile] numb3rs_awards as Slash AU

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Near the End has been nominated again!

This time over at White Knight Awards and in two categories:

That Was Great, I Gotta Shower! 
Ludicrous & Far Too Breakable

I'm really happy =)

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Near the End has been nominated at Sunnydale Memorial Awards for Best Angst.

*is happy*

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I've been nominated over at [ profile] ultimate_xander 

Gemelli has been nominated in The Yammer-er Award - Best Long [5 chapters or more]

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I've been nominated over at The Absence of Light Awards
Lost in the Best Angst Slash, Best Angst Short category.

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Nominated fic: Gemelli

 Nominated fic: Gemelli

Nominated as: Best Author

Nominated fic: Consort

Nominated fic: Feral!Verse

Nominated fic: Finding

Nominated fic: Accidental Fatherhood

Nominated fic: Gemelli

Nominated as: Best Author

 Nominated as: Best Author

   Nominated as: Best Author

 Nominated fic: Lost

 Nominated fic: Near the end

 Nominated fic: Near the end

 Nominated fic: Equal Rights


Wining fic: Equal Rights

Wining fic: Accidental Fatherhood

Winning fic: Gemelli

Winning fic: Lost


Jan. 7th, 2009 06:39 pm
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Gemelli has been nominated at The Forbidden Awards.

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Someone nominated me for Best Author at Running With Scissors!


I love you guys SO much!


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I've been nominated at Rogue Poet Awards for Gemelli!Verse.


Whoever nominated me...I LOVE YOU : )

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Thanks to [personal profile] beccers4469
I've been nominated at [profile] rwsawards

Best Wip: Consort.
Best long: Feral!Verse
Best slash: Accidental Fatherhood.

I'm soooooooooooooo happy!



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